Why You Shouldn’t Use Instagram Bots

BY IN Uncategorized, 18.11.2020

For many businesses, growing the number of followers is their main goal. However, gaining more followers on Instagram needs a lot of time and patience. It’s for this reason that many people and companies instead opt to use Instagram bot. These bots don’t require you to be hands-on with your Instagram profile as it will automatically comment, like, and follow other accounts.

Despite these benefits, the use of bots isn’t recommended due to other reasons other than your concerns that JARVEE is not working anymore. If you need further convincing, here’s a detailed post on why not to use Instagram bots.

They Infringe On Terms Of Use Of Instagram 

The main reason you should stay clear of bots is since they violate Instagram’s term of use. These terms of use infringed by Instagram bots include;

  • Not caching or storing Instagram login credentials.
  • Prevents a company from performing more than one action at a time on Instagram.
  • Never accessing private Instagram API except for methods allowed by Instagram.
  • Not using the Instagram API to backup or import content, show User Content, or manage relationships without advance consent from Instagram.
  • Make sure never to use an unnecessary amount of bandwidth as this affects Instagram.com servers or how other apps that use the Instagram APIs.
  • Guaranteeing all your comments are personalized for every individual instead of posting unapproved spam or commercial communication on Instagram.

Violating any terms of use might lead to your account, either being shadowbanned or banned.

Bots Mess Up Your Instagram Feed 

Instagram bots follow thousands of random people. With the growing number of random followers, your timeline is filled with people who you aren’t interested in or who don’t bring in any value. This means the posts from your favorite people, including family, friends, and favorite personalities, get buried, making your Instagram feed messy. Therefore, it’s best to avoid Instagram automation tools unless you don’t mind what shows on your timeline.

Insensitive And Peculiar Comments 

The goal of using bots is to comment and like your photos to increase their popularity. These bots add the comments depending on the hashtag, which in some cases is inappropriate. This might harm your profile if seen by your authentic followers, who’ll know the comments are not authentically generated and not genuine.

There’s No Real User Engagement 

It’s no doubt that bots help you increase your number of followers. However, this isn’t beneficial to your brand in the long-run since the comments made by the bot look automated. Your user engagement will fall drastically once the audience realizes this, which ruins your company’s brand and integrity in the eyes of your followers.

Instagram Restrictions 

There are limits put in place by Instagram on the number of pictures you’re allowed to like and comment on in one hour. Anything over 60 comments, 150 likes, and 60 follows or unfollows for each hour for a standard user is deemed suspicious, and you’ll be considered to be using a bot. As a result, Instagram will block your account temporarily, usually for between 1 to 24 hours.

These limits put in place by Instagram vary depending on your activity, the number of followers, and your age.