Wireframe.cc: Create simple wireframes for websites and mobile applications

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The Eiffel tower is one of the most famous monuments on the planet. We see the Eiffel tower for how good it looks as a finished project, but what about what went into building it? Websites and applications nowadays look very appealing visually, with developers always aiming to create the best-looking product for their customers.

Wireframes are one of the most important things that go into building a website as they can provide much of the early layout of the website. This article will look at Wireframe.cc, a wireframing design tool.

The importance of wireframes

A wireframe is a blueprint for your website or mobile application and can provide you with an early layout. Similar to laying out a plan or blueprint before you start construction on a building, you need the same for your website as it can offer you much-needed direction and a chance to roughly see how your website will look. Having an idea of what the website should look like before you start coding and developing it ensures that you are efficient and that your efforts are not wasted.

Wireframes are straightforward in how they look and work and don’t show precisely how the final website will look but provide a good layout. Wireframes allow developers to change the structure and layout of the website before they start writing code or working on it. Different people’s input through discussions can be crucial in obtaining the best possible outcome.

Why go for wireframe.cc

Plenty of wireframing tools are available for developers, so why go for wireframe.cc? There are plenty of reasons that make wireframe.cc an excellent tool for developers.

Simple in design

The product has a straightforward design making it perfect for wireframing. Wireframing is one of the first steps of developing a website or application, and the work you put into it is to help you further in the development process. Wireframing isn’t something that should be complicated and it being simple is a positive. Wireframe.cc offers you a very simple-to-use tool and UI, so you won’t have any troubles using it, and it won’t take up a lot of your time. Wireframing should be as simple as possible, and wireframe.cc understands that.

User friendly

The tool is very user-friendly and has multiple features designed to make it easier for the developer. Having features such as freehand drawing and a smart UI that will hide when you don’t need it makes for a pleasant experience when working with wireframe.cc. 

No unnecessary time wasters

There is nothing in the tool that you won’t usually need. Sometimes wireframing tools have options for users that let them do a lot of stuff, but for wireframing, sometimes less is better. For example, a wide array of colors isn’t something you would need in a wireframing tool, as it can cause many distractions when working on the website. Wireframe.cc doesn’t have aspects that can be deemed time wasters.

Can make designs for different screens and test user flows

Wireframe.cc allows you to test your designs and blueprints for different types of screens as mobile and computer performance can vary significantly. On top of that, wireframe.cc allows you to have multiple different wireframes active at the same time, and clickable links on different wireframes can enable you to go to a different wireframe. This can help you see the accessibility and gives you a rough idea of user experience when using the website. Having better control and guiding the users on your website can allow you to use your website more effectively.

Building your website

Building a website can be challenging and requires the work of website developers or programmers that have knowledge in this regard. Building and running a website on your own can be daunting for people who run a company or need a website for any other purpose. Luckily for precisely this reason using the services of a website development company is a very viable option. On top of creating your website, they can help optimize it so you can have the best-looking website and increase the customers to your website. In today’s world, having a search engine optimized website is a must due to the sheer amount of websites that can be found.