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Building a site may seem like a challenging task, but a site is sure to increase your small business availability, become a virtual office to meet and serve your customers as well as it can serve hundreds of non-commercial goals of your local club, church, school etc. is a resource created by professional web designers to let a web site be a matter of a wish but not money. Our free templates are also great educational supplies you can use, while getting acquainted with a great form of digital art – web design. We add free website templates regularly and are open to any requests concerning the topics for our free layouts. We do try to keep the quality of our templates as high as possible.

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5 Practical Steps to Creating a Killer Blog

Dec 16, 2016

Nowadays, there are hundreds of thousands of blogs on the internet. Every blogger is trying grab the attention of their target audience and convert them into loyal followers of their blog.  As the older blogs are contesting for superiority and relevance, new blogs are springing up with utmost shock. From personal blogs, to corporate blogs, blogs abound in different forms, themes, niche, and style. 

The Most Visited Websites in the World and What they Are Doing Right

Dec 16, 2016

Did you know that there are over 1 billion websites in the world? However, many of these are getting very little traffic, while the big players the rank high are pulling in millions upon millions of views each day. When we look at the top ranking websites, it teaches us a lot about the working of a company, and we can learn some of their business ways to make our own websites more of a success.

Top Ways to Design an Effective Logo

Dec 07, 2016

Logo design is often an unexpected part of a web designer's life—one of the countless "little things" you didn't necessarily plan for or learn about beforehand. Yet even though a logo is just one marketing element, there's a lot riding on it. Logos physically embody a brand's personality, and they also entice customers to work with one company above another.

Top Skills Every Web Designer Must Acquire

Nov 28, 2016

Web designers are concerned about designing great websites for private and public organizations. The duties of a web designer are designing, planning and preparing the information that appears on the web page, paying close attention to user interface, location and position of information using relevant illustrations that can sell the message and create an impact on the intended audience.

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