10 Places Online to Learn Web Design

BY IN Basics of Web Design, 22.01.2016

In this world of internet, owning a website/web portal has become common. The main reason behind this is designing a website became much easier as it was not few years back. With the influence of various online sources and availability of free/paid web designing tools, now even a non techie person can design compatible website.

learn web design online

Life Hacker

All basics regarding computer programming and hardware studies are now available through Lifehacker. Rather than just introducing readers to the advanced codes and programs, Lifehacker uses simple documentary approach to make readers to understand about the basics of web designing like it will be taught to students when they are visiting a training center. Website of Lifehacker is organized in such a manner that readers can able to categorize themselves in various sections and find out all necessary materials without any hassle.

Web Design from Scratch

There is amazing range of best tools now available through Web Design from Scratch. It is suitable for both advanced web designers and entry level web designers. Step by step instructions will be given for every program that is available over there. Rather than just providing guidance for web designing, Web Design from Scratch also help readers to find out the basic differences between graphic design and web design. Teaching visitors are also available at Web Design from Scratch to impart some high knowledge about various latest happenings in the world of web designing.

Web Design for Everybody by Coursera

For those users who want to know something in depth about the advanced skills of web designing, Web Design for Everybody by Coursera is the best choice. Rather than explaining about applications and coding basics, Web Design for Everybody by Coursera will brief about the basic architecture of HTML5 and CSS3. Importance of java in website designing is also included in the course content. Although it is meant to be useful for advanced web designers, it will contain some useful courses which are most suitable for intermediate learners of web designing.


One of the best places for people to start from scratch in the area of website designing is W3schools.com. Rather than teaching about website designing, they will introduce readers to the basic concepts of HTML along with sample codes. Learners can easily emulate the codes that are available in the website and design a website by their own if they are going through each and every lesson available in the website of W3schools.com. For evaluating progress of users, exams and quizzes are also conducted in the website to impart better knowledge about the basics of website designing in HTML background.

Learn to Code HTML and CSS by Shay Howe

To learn advanced coding strategies of HTML and CSS with the help of a teaching guide, the best option is Learn to Code HTML and CSS by Shay Howe. For intermediate learners in web designing, Learn to Code HTML and CSS by Shay Howe offers a stepping stone to move further in the world of website designing. Advanced guides are also available from Shay Howe for learning all essential information about website designing.


Interactive information content for website designing is now available through About.com. The website is very much suitable for those people who want to learn about website designing in all its perspectives. Basic notes are available for users to understand about the function of each and every command in the web designing program. Each and every code in the program will be explained perfectly for helping people to get knowledge from scratch.

Treehouse Web Design Training

Learning from a teacher is always a best thing to get in depth knowledge about anything. This is the basis of Treehouse Web Design Training. There are thousands of video courses now available at Treehouse Web Design Training to help people to learn everything about website designing. Videos in the website are categorized in various sections and they are categorized from basic level to advanced level. Whatever may be the knowledge of people in the aspects of website designing there is a suitable video tutorial available through Treehouse Web Design Training.

African Virtual University

Module based website designing course is now offered at African Virtual University. Features of website designing are being categorized in various easy modules to help people to understand about the importance of website designing. Codes will be explained in different aspects in each module. Users start from the basic module and proceed with the further modules to get all necessary information about website designing.

HTML 101 by Berkeley Knight Digital Media Center

To teach website designing from level zero, HTML 101 by Berkeley Knight Digital Media Center has lot of impressive study materials and online contents. The contents and study materials are optimized only for newbie in the world of website designing.

HTML5 Doctor

HTML5 Doctor explains in detail about various coding aspects of HTML5. There is tons of information content available at HTML5 Doctor. It will explain about the importance of HTML5 standards in website designing with perspective to practical contents. Every element in HTML5 standard is explained in a better manner to help both newbie and advanced learners of website designing.

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