Cherry Framework 4.0 is Finally Here

BY IN News, 3.08.2015

For those unfamiliar with this awesome piece of software I’m gonna start with a short introduction to Cherry Framework. This Bootstrap based technology is basically a framework for intuitive and fast building of responsive, fully functional and beautiful WordPress websites.


Cherry 4.0 is the latest, much awaited version of Cherry Framework. This release comes with quite a number of amazing features you are going to love. It does not matter if you are a pro developer or a beginner user of WordPress, Cherry has something for everyone. A newbie will love how easy it is to create a unique website with the framework and a pro will find a lot of amazing stuff to make the development that much easier and effective.

The Main Features Cherry 4.0 Comes With

Fully responsive

Your website will look amazing on any device with any screen size, whether it’s a tiny mobile phone screen or a huge desktop. There’s no need to design a separate mobile version, the website will adjust smoothly.

Cherry Wizard

Cherry 4.0 is incredibly easy to install, all you need to do is upload the Cherry Wizard as you would upload any other WordPress plugin and in a few easy steps you have the framework and every component of the theme installed. I’d like to point out here – everything is downloaded from the Cherry Cloud, there’s no archives etc.

Static Area Builder

This one lets you decide where to put content blocks, logo, menu, search bar etc. relative to the header and footer. Plus you can make different headers and footers on different pages.

Settings backup

Much as in a computer game you can backup your progress, Cherry 4.0 allows you to backup the theme settings and restore them whenever needed.

WPML ready

Wanna build a multilingual website? Easy!

Compatible with popular extensions

The Cherry 4.0 developers made sure you can extend the website’s functionality and make it more user-friendly and interesting.

Exclusive premium shortcodes

Cherry 4.0 has a bunch of premium shortcodes to help you edit your theme.

Shortcode templater

This unique, one-of-a-kind solution lets you create an unlimited number of custom shortcode templates. Amazing thing to speed up page creation if you ask me.

СSS compile / minify

This feature lets you combine multiple CSS file into one, and in improve the overall site speed tremendously.

Independent module structure

Every plugin and theme option that comes with Cherry 4.0 uses a similar UI kit and can be installed and used independently, without the framework itself.

GPL compliant

Cherry Framework falls under the General Public License. This simply means you’re free to use it as you wish.


These are just the main features I mentioned above, there’s much more. And you can play with it all right now, there’s a free WordPress theme with Cherry 4.0. The free theme includes sub-pages: Home, About, FAQ, Testimonials, Team, Services, Portfolio, Blog, Contacts and a number of plugins.

Plus, there’s already a number of premium WordPress themes that come with Cherry 4.0, here’s a couple of them:

PixelArt WordPress Theme

PixelArt WordPress Theme

Drondo WordPress Theme

Drondo WordPress Theme

Creative Tattoo WordPress Theme

Creative Tattoo WordPress Theme