How To Create The Best Online Shopping Experience For Your Customers

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It does not matter if you sell apparel, or furniture, or web designs online – in this competitive day and age you have to create the best online shopping experience for your customers, if you want them to stay customers that is. Giving them the best product, the one they want and look for goes without saying, but oftentimes it’s not enough any more.

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Here’s a number of great tips to help you build that moneymaking online store you want.


First and foremost your online store’s navigation has to be flawless, clean and simple. Put yourself on your customer’s place – would you stay to buy something on a website that has incomprehensible pages with totally unrelated content and no way to go back or find the thing you were actually looking for?

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There’s a number of ways to ensure your customers have that flawless experience navigating your online store – dropdown menu, fixed navigation bar, content blocks etc. Whatever you chose to implement on your website – test it time and again. Heck, ask your grandmother to test it, if she understands the way to navigate your website you know you’ve done it right!


Even if your product range is not that big, giving your customers a way to look for exactly the thing they need is yet another bull point.

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I was perplexed to find a huge number of ecommerce websites out there that have poor quality photos of their products. If you want people to buy your goods you simply HAVE to show those goods in their best light, provide pictures from all angles; another good way to boost your sales is to show the products in use.

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And make it a point to use high resolution photos. Zoom and hover over functionality are good for providing the customers with enjoyable experience too.


It goes without saying that your products must be of high quality and withstand competition. What I want to pay your attention to here is this – your website’s design has to have your products as the focal point. Make sure there are no excessive design elements that draw attention away from the goods you sell.

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eCommerce Templates and Themes to Help You Out

If you are at loss on how to implement all the above tips to your existing online store, or if you are planning to launch a new one – here’s a selection of both free and premium online store templates that have the above described features and much more.

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Beauty OpenCart Template

Interior & Furniture PrestaShop Theme

Interior & Furniture PrestaShop Theme

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Nutrition Free HTML Template

Wine WooCommerce Theme

Wine WooCommerce Theme

Culinary Spices Magento Theme

Culinary Spices Magento Theme

Free PrestaShop Theme for Fashion Store

Free Fashion PrestaShop Theme

Wondering how to choose an ecommerce platform? Here’s a comprehensive guide for you.