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Premium web templates here are high-quality ready-made designs in the widest range of thematic categories and product types. WordPress, Joomla, Drupal… whichever engine is your poison, we are sure you’ll find the design for your website in our enormous collection!

Web Templates in our premium section are not free, however, each of them is quite affordable.

These marvelous web templates are result of teamwork of designers, programmers, illustrators, usability experts. We do our best to keep our product as customer-oriented as possible. You can be sure you won’t find outdated templates here, we do follow the latest trends, you know.

Whether you are looking for a web design for your personal site, news blog or on-line store we are sure you’ll find the one here and you’ll have that amazing feeling that it’s been created by you.

Customizing a web template may be a really entertaining process: upload your own texts, input your images and get a completely unique website at the end.

In case you are not sure you know how to customize your template, here’s a useful link for you – template customization tutorials. These are comprehensive guides that can help you to get those magic skills of making the site a place where people like to be, not just have to be. And if it’s all about time and results, feel free to entrust customization of a web template to

Be creative in things you love to do, and we’ll make sure your site looks awesome!


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