10 Popular Website Templates for Realtors  

BY IN Web Templates, 10.10.2016

Realtors are turning their heads to the digital world in order to move more properties and build their clientele. The biggest part of developing a solid online presence is creating a real estate website. Because your main focus is on selling houses rather than designing websites, you need a template that’s easy to use for everyone that will offer excellent branding for your company.


Here are some of the most popular options.

1. Homezone

This single property HTML5 template is meant for agencies that specialize in single homes rather than commercial buildings. It offers multiple types of headers for customization and is optimized for imagery, an essential part of great realty website design.

2. INTENSE Real Estate

This template is very clean and simple with easy top-bar navigation and plenty of room for imagery. It’s great because it reduces the use of white space with well-organized pages and great navigation. There are a variety of forms that can be integrated into the template to make it more customized to your tastes.

3. Home Square

The color schemes are very impressive with this template. They’re complimentary and calming, inviting both homebuyers and renters to enjoy a great experience. There are several types of layouts and homepage designs so that you can make the site fit your personal agenda and stand out from the competition.

4. Grand Estate

Another simple and image-friendly template, Grand Estate offers clean navigation and excellent search features to help homebuyers find their dream homes. It’s also easy to integrate map tools and other plugins to improve the all-around experience.

5. Real Estate HTML5

This template is among the most popular. It’s made for HTML5 and Bootstrap to allow for ultimate optimization. It includes an image gallery, land evaluation, contact forms, review pages, and a giant map feature to help viewers find homes in their preferred neighborhoods. It’s clean, simple, and extremely easy to use.

6. Villareal

This is another template with a giant map feature that makes it easier for homebuyers looking for the perfect neighborhood. Properties can be displayed in galleries or in tabs, and the site is optimized for high-quality imagery. With contact forms and inquiry pages, it will be simple to direct homebuyers and sellers to your office.

7. Holiday Homes

There’s a major market for vacation rentals, a niche that many realtors are seeking to enter for its high returns. The Holiday Homes template is made for vacation rental marketing with a modern design that makes you feel like you’re on vacation already. There’s also an excellent search feature integrated into the page and maps are available for your users’ convenience.

8. DreamHome

This single property template gives you plenty of options for customization and brand imprinting. It’s designed with photography in mind, including generous caption areas to explain the best parts of the home. The style of the site is a little more sophisticated, and high-end homes tend to perform better with this template.

9. Real Places

Real Places is an HTML5 template for realtors that’s oriented around a strong design. There are multiple choices for header and design layout, offering complete flexibility in the customization process. It’s also fully responsive with built-in Twitter Bootstrap and map features.

10. Apartment HTML

The vast number of renters in the realty market can’t be ignored.  Apartment HTML is an excellent template if you specialize in commercial rent spaces. It’s simple to customize but offers the technology of a modern website, which is very important to young adults, who make up the majority of the renting population. The landscape is also optimized for imagery that works best with apartment style buildings.

These are just a few of hundreds of options for building your real estate site. Each of these suggestions has been tried and tested with high ratings, so you’re guaranteed to have a good experience with at least one of the templates on this list.