Best free web development apps for designers to install in their Android phones

BY IN Uncategorized, 30.09.2016

Are you surprised by reading the title of the post because you’re left wondering whether or not it is safe to do website development on your Android phone? No, experts will never suggest a smartphone as a good and worthy substitute for desktop coding but it is definitely feasible to write and test codes while on the go. When a half-decent device like your smartphone could prevent you from having to carry a heavy 17” laptop to client presentations, don’t you think that would also be a portable option?


At the same time, battery life of smartphones is often longer and smaller screens would mean lesser distractions from email pings, Facebook messages and Twitter updates. So, why wait to check out the best free web development apps that you can install in your Android smartphone? Here you go.

Solid Explorer: Although Android has a recognizable and accessible file system, yet the stock file manager in Android is limited. Solid Explorer comes in beta but it is simply stunning! This app offers you a 2-pane window for moving files easily, multiple view settings, sorting, searching and bookmarking, local & remote file access including networks, root, SFTP, FTP and Dropbox and a basic yet very quick text editor. Even if you’re not a web designer, Solid Explorer can be a great app for a person who navigates the file system.

VT View Source: Android browsers are minimal and they never offer developer tools. You can install VT View Source which is a novel app that’s compatible with multiple phone browsers and allows you to view the underlying HTML. Once you install this, you just require sharing the URL of the page and VT automatically opens it, downloads it and displays the source of the page. There are several color themes and you can choose among them.

920 Text Editor: There are several code editors available on the Android platform but you will hardly find one that beats the 920 Text Editor. This app offers you multiple file tabs, configurable color coding, supports web syntaxes including CSS, HTML, JavaScript and PHP and also helps you with session handling. The basic editor may not be as quick as Solid Explorer but it is definitely closer to the IDE of your desktop.

kWS Android Web Server: kWS is a lightweight and fast HTTP web server. This app only supports server-side includes and can be useful for demonstrating and testing HTML, JavaScript and CSS applications. There are many Android solutions for running PHP in phones and other server-side languages but after you find this reliably, you can be surely satisfied.

MySQL Connect: We must have faced those urgent moments when we immediate require connecting to a remote MySQL database and when we don’t have a PC. This perhaps stretches credibility but MySQL Connect is one of the finest apps which surpass the popularity of many other desktop clients. The file size is just a few hundred KB and you won’t find your phone ever running short of memory after installing this app.

Nowadays most of us are voracious Android users and all of us are aware of the Android news and the latest addition to its kitty of apps. If you are a web designer who would love to experiment and check certain things while on the move, you can definitely choose any of the above mentioned web development apps for Android. They are completely free of cost and won’t slow down the performance of your smartphone, which is one of the reasons why users hesitate downloading such apps.