10 Ways to Make Extra Money as a Web Designer

BY IN Uncategorized, 20.07.2017

Web-designer is one of those jobs that can earn the most money online or through project, freelance or distance work. The skillset that you need for this job is one of the most required on the online market. So even if a web-designer has a full-time job, there are many ways for them to get extra cash using the many opportunities that the Internet provides.

Here are 10 easiest ways to make extra money if you are a web-designer:

  1. Sell your unused works. As a designer, you may have sketches or projects that your previous or current clients did not use for some reason. You can sell them to stocks or online marketplaces which will make use of them and pay you per download.
  2. Teach design skills, both online and offline. Teaching is a good way not only to earn some extra money, but to get the fulfillment of passing your knowledge and expertise to others. You can create online courses or teach in a regular class – it’s up to you.
  3. Do freelance consulting. You may not have the time to take on orders with your current workload, but you can apply for a consulting job or project work in web design which will take less of your time, but still be a stable source of income.
  4. Increase your fares. How often do you review what you charge from your clients? Sometimes it comes in handy to do your research and to know your worth as a professional in your field. Just as players hunt for mobile casino list 2017 to stay up to date with the goodies that the best games offer. Make sure you do it at least once a year.
  5. Start a blog. Blogging is definitely a time-consuming thing, but it may pay off if it gains enough following in order to attract businesses who are looking to expand their audiences.
  6. Use social networks. Make new contacts using LinkedIn and Facebook, participate in professional communities, and you may find additional work quite fast.
  7. Keep up to date with new software. It is important for the quality of your work, but also for the price of your services.
  8. Become a mentor. Mentoring a younger colleague may pay off in the future in ways you do not expect, and may also bring in some extra cash.
  9. Create T-shirt designs. T-shirt designs are fun, and can be sold on a basis of a pre-existing printing company, so you do not need to create or produce clothes in order to make money on it.
  10. Sign up for odd jobs. Doing random tasks not directly associated with your profession brings in extra cash, but, more importantly, it broadens your horizons and helps you become better at what you do.

As you can see, there are many ways of earning extra money when you are a web-designer. Moreover, many of them are fun, engaging and very likely to make you grow both personally and professionally.