4 Effective Ways to Garner More Traffic To Your Blog

BY IN Uncategorized, 21.03.2018

For most bloggers, getting more traffic is a top priority. Not only is it a cursor to how much advertising they can sell, but how successful their content is. However, getting people to come and visit your page (as well as keep coming back) can be quite the challenge, well beyond just the type of articles you write. And if you’ve been struggling with getting past that first mile, there are a few things you might want to consider to drive more visitors. Check them out below:

Offer Actionable Items

Perhaps one of the most efficient ways to start getting people to come back to your blog is by offering actionable solutions to common problems or skills people want to learn. As noted by the Content Marketing Institute, with 200 million people now using ad blockers, it goes to show that people are seeking more engagement than they are any other way of interacting with a brand. Which, if you’ve been looking to gain more traction, then giving your audience more things they can use in real life is a must.

Depending on where your skill set lies, try to come up with a list of the kind of content you can produce for people that will leave them with something to take away. For example, if I were to do a series about how to learn piano, then I’d break up each section into different sub-points, such as individual songs or pieces of music theory. This is much more digestible to learn and gives your audience tangible things they can go after first. All-in-all, try to see what skills you might be able to relay to others, as this is a surefire way to increase engagement in no time.

Reassess Your Brand

Another aspect that might be affecting your traffic is the type of brand your blog holds. After all, as your blog is primarily about the voice and persona that it gives off, your branding and image are crucial to why people would gravitate towards your site. And although it’s not always fun to hear, if you find yourself with a lackluster brand, then it might be time to reassess things.

Start out by asking what you would objectively think about your brand as an outsider, keeping in mind the type of perception it gives off. Additionally, don’t be afraid to ask your peers what they think of your brand as well, including if they consider your messaging something that conveys the general attitude of your posts. Remember, branding is part science, part story, so learn how to dissect your own in a way that shows the true message you’re trying to get across.

Start out with your central message or core mission, then starting to dive into the personality and feel of it. Believe it or not, the little aspects of brand design can make a world of difference; for example, color increases brand recognition by 80 percent according to LucidPress. All-in-all, branding is something that’s going to take a lot of self-reflection and analysis, but once you’ve got that foundation set, it’ll be much easier to spread the word on what you’re contributing.

Invite Guest Posts

Although people have mixed opinions on the effectiveness of guest posts, that’s also because they’re looking at it from the wrong angle. As a blogger, having others who can lend you authority can not only give you better content but potentially their audience as well. Plus, cross-posting between you both can give them a boost in traction too, because as noted by Impact Bound, websites with a blog have 434 percent more indexed pages, which could mean quite a bit for your business. No matter if it’s having someone out of law school write a post about what to do if you have a traffic ticket or a friend who can make a mean casserole, bringing on guest posters can be a great step to success.

Don’t Forget About SEO

Finally, as one of the most important aspects of finding your blog regardless, SEO is a must to include with your blog. As noted by Search Engine Journal, 93 percent of online experiences begin with search, which will be a huge driver towards traffic to your site. Try to brainstorm some keyword strategies that you can start implementing more into your blog, including specific terms to your overall messaging. Although it’ll take some time to develop, the SEO keywords that you could build towards will serve you well long-term, constantly generating visitors towards your website.

What are some strategies you’ve used to gain more traffic towards your site? Comment with your insights below!