4 Things You Should Do With Customer Feedback

BY IN Uncategorized, 26.02.2018

In today’s highly complex and competitive environment, a business just can’t afford to ignore customer feedback. Thanks to interactive platforms such as social media, the customer now has more power than ever before. But it’s also a marketing opportunity for creative business people. That’s because, through the high interaction between customer and business that has been brought about by technology, businesses can use customer feedback to provide better services. Unfortunately, many businesses have no idea about how to deal with customer feedback, and leverage it to build a better brand. To help you leverage customer feedback and grow your business, here are 4 things you should do with all the feedback that you receive.

Use it as a tool for product development
No matter how skilled your product development team is, it cannot beat customer feedback when it comes to developing competitive products. That’s because it is the customer who uses the product and as a consequence, knows what is best for his/her needs.  In essence, for your business to thrive, use customer feedback to come up with products that meet market needs. If this is a challenge for you, use a feedback website such as feedback.co to better understand, how you can use customer feedback to come up with market-driven products. This can go a long way in improving the competitiveness of your business.

Use it as a testimonial for your business
One of the most creative ways to market your business is by using testimonials from people who have already used your product. You can leverage customer feedback by strategically placing it on your business website. This way, people looking to buy your product can have confidence knowing that there are others who have used it, and are confident in its utility. Besides, the customers you feature in your testimonials will most likely feel honored and maintain their loyalty to your business, which is good for your long-term growth prospects.

Use it to inspire your employees
Other than factors such as salaries and remunerations, customer feedback can be a great tool for motivating employees. Use positive customer feedback to motivate your employees to keep up their good work. On the other hand, you can use negative customer feedback to motivate your employees to do better.  Basically, make them understand that their work has an impact on many people’s lives, and that they should do it to the best of their abilities. With a motivated workforce, you can be sure that your business is guaranteed of growth going into the long-run, which is the goal of any business that operates as a going-concern.

Use it in making strategic decisions
By skimming through customer feedback, you can tell what customers are looking for, what excites them, and what they think about your business relative to your competitors. You can use this information to make strategic decisions that can give you an edge over your competitors in the market. This way you can implement ideas based on predicted changes in the market and grow your market share.