5 Benefits of Creating a Website With a Responsive Design

BY IN Uncategorized, 23.07.2018

While desktops and laptops are still being used regularly, there is no denying that with the invention of smartphones, more and more people use them to access the internet instead. That means that if you have a website for your business, you will need to address the fact that many of your potential customers might be viewing your site using their mobiles.

That’s why you should consider making your website be mobile responsive. Take a look at the list below of what a mobile responsive website can do for your business.

You will get a faster webpage – admit it, we all do it. When we go to a webpage and it loads slowly, we get very impatient and choose to go to another website instead of waiting for a long time for the page to load. Users, especially mobile users have short attention spans. When they go to a webpage, they want to see the whole page without having to wait for more than five seconds. This will happen if your site is optimized for whatever screen they are using, whether it is their mobile or their tablets.

There is less maintenance – in the past when websites are not optimized, there had to be a separate mobile site, and that means a separate design team for the mobile site, separate administrative support, etc. That will just mean more people working on different things and more maintenance when it could just be done by one team. When you have a different mobile site from a desktop site, that will actually mean you need a different SEO campaign for each site, and that will not only cost you time but also money.

You can save money – As stated above, two different types of websites will mean two different set of plans on how to make those websites successful. That will cost you some money, money that you can save for another part of the business. But if whoever you hire really knows what they are doing, such as Web Design Cardiff, they can give you a responsive website which will cost you less money, but it will also bring in more money.

A better experience for the users – if you’ve done your research about online marketing, then you know what a bounce rate is. It is the percentage of visitors that visit your site, only view one page, and then leave. The reason for this could be that your website is not mobile-friendly. Even if that customer frequents the desktop version of your site, if they are already using their tablets or mobile phones and see that your website is not responsive, they will simply go to another website that will give them better user experience. But if your site is mobile responsive, it will have a lower bounce rate and people can explore your site more freely.

You will have higher conversion rates – the goal of any website that offers products or services is to have old customers keep coming back and to have new customers. That can happen when you have a mobile responsive website.