5 Responsive Website Builders Reviewed: SITE123, Ucraft, IM Creator, Mobirise, uKit

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When it comes to professional website design, awareness of contemporary trends is a must. As time goes by, web design tendencies change, giving way to advanced technologies and innovations. Responsive websites have become popular not long ago, but they are still in demand in the web development market.

Due to their ability to adapt to various mobile devices, responsive websites ensure quick traffic growth and client generation. Their owners can manage them on the go, without distracting from everyday plans. These websites are also easy-to-browse and they often feature better quality as compared to websites that are not optimized for mobile viewing. If you have an idea to create a responsive website, using website builders will be the best solution. Let’s review the top platforms you can use for this purpose.



SITE123 is an easy-to-use website builder, which will come in handy to everyone, who is going to start a professional and functional website. You can use the system to build any type of website, be it a portfolio, a business website, a blog, a landing page or even a web store. The service doesn’t imply the knowledge of programming basics. This is what makes it a nice tool for non-techies. At the same time, it has advanced web design features, which appeal to professionals.


SITE123 comes with a rich gallery of free responsive templates, the quality of which is above the average. The themes perfectly adapt to the screens of any mobile devices and desktop computers. As a result, websites built with them can be viewed even on the go. The templates fall into niche categories. This makes it possible to select the required template without any extra time and effort investment. To customize the chosen template, SITE123 offers a set of flexible and simple tools. Thus, you can make use of font and style editing options, layout and background choice, social media integration, SEO parameters, icons and image galleries etc. Availability of a multilingual tool and 15 localization options allows building several language versions of your website.


SITE123 has moderate pricing policy, with one free pricing plan and four paid solutions. The plans differ with regard to the disc storage space, bandwidth, special features and tools. Currently, the website builder has the following paid plans:

  • Basic ($9.80/mo).
  • Advanced ($15.80/mo).
  • Professional ($21.80/mo).
  • Gold ($27.80/mo).

The basic plan works great for personal use. If you wish to establish web presence, it makes sense to upgrade to higher plans, which come with the abundance of business and eCommerce features. Whatever plan you will go for, you will be able to create the unlimited number of websites on your account. However, you’ll still have to pay for each project separately.



Ucraft is a cloud website builder, which deserves special attention due to its deep design customization options and extensive template selection. Whatever type of website you plan to set up, Ucraft will perfectly cope with the task. The system is quite easy to explore and use. This matters a lot for each novice, who is just getting used to it. Web design pros, in their turn, value an opportunity to use flexible design settings to give their projects decent look.


Ucraft template gallery is quite rich and the themes available there are on the top notch level. They are responsive and industry-specific. You can use any of them to launch a website that will ensure great mobile browsing experience. New templates are regularly added to the collection, extending the selection. Users, who have doubts regarding the choice of a theme, may preview several variants in desktop and mobile modes. If you feel that you have made the wrong choice, you can change the template during the website editing process. The website builder has a multi language tool, the use of which allows building websites you can view in several languages. Other highlights of the system include a Landing Page Creator, an Articles App, a Logo Maker and a set of advanced Designer Tools for deeper template customization.


When it comes to the price aspect, Ucraft has five separate plans for standard and eCommerce use. The cost of the plans vary with regard to the web building options the website builder provides and the subscription type you will go for (either monthly or annual). As of today, Ucraft pricing plans are as follows:

  • Landing Page (free).
  • Website ($6/mo).
  • eCommerce ($13/mo).
  • Pro ($31/mo).
  • Unlimited ($60/mo).

As soon as you sign up for the system, you can use its entire feature set absolutely for free for 14 days. When the trial is over, you can continue using the service at no cost, but you’ll encounter certain restrictions that will prevent you from getting the most out of your web building experience.

IM Creator


IM Creator has won popularity in the web building community due to its excellent creative designs, flexible customization tools, reasonable pricing policy and absence of programming knowledge. The website builder initially works great for business owners willing to promote their companies on the web. It is also a nice tool to launch creative projects. The platform comes with powerful blogging and eCommerce engines. Whether you are a novice or a web design expert, you’ll certainly like the web building environment IM Creator offers.


IM Creator feature set is versatile and impressive. It centers around quick, simple and affordable web building process. The system can boast abundance of modern designs, which are available in dozens of thematic categories for quick and easy search. What matters most is that all the themes the website builder has in its collection are responsive. To make them personalized, you can use versatile customization tools and elements like fonts, image library, animation effects, icons, styles etc.  IM Creator websites are formed out of independent content blocks – Stripes – that have specific aims and can be arranged in any possible order to give your website preferred design and functionality. Users, who have an intention to manage their projects on the go, can make use of a handy mobile app the service offers. Mind that IM Creator is free for non-profits, students and artists. Users, who plan to use the system for building profitable websites, should subscribe to the White Label Plan.


IM Creator is free for nonprofits, creatives, artists and those users, who wish to build a website for personal use. The system will provide them with multiple benefits and features that will contribute to decent website creation. These include access to the rich template collection, hosting, domain name connection etc.

As to the premium plan, it works well for commercial use and costs $8/mo. It has many advantages that differ it from the free plan, including premium support and availability of high quality premium templates.

The White Label solution is the highlight of the website builder. It is a great choice for web design agencies, hosting companies, resellers and owners of large businesses. The plan makes it possible to use free and paid system features when launching your own website builder business. Subscribers of this plan will get access to the reseller control panel, unlimited licensed for their clients and lots of other benefits. The cost of the White Label Plan starts from $350/year depending upon the terms and features you need.



Mobirise is the downloadable web building software. To use it, you have to install it first. Mobirise is tailored for users, whose programming skills leave much to be desired. This, however, doesn’t mean that professional web designers cannot use it to develop appealing projects.


The system’s feature set works great for the development of landing pages, portfolios and business websites. You won’t encounter standard templates here. To design the structure of your website, you’ll need to choose between hundreds of content blocks (as of today, there are over 800 of them here). By modifying and arranging them, you will eventually form your website layout. All the blocks are responsive and they perfectly adapt to any screen resolutions and sizes. Having chosen the blocks, you’ll need to replace the available content with your business or personal info. What makes Mobirise a decent responsive web building service is its AMP Website Builder. It lets you launch web pages that load fast on all mobile devices without affecting content presentation and website quality.


Mobirise is a free offline website builder, which allows creating awesome mobile-friendly websites. To enhance the quality and performance of your website, it makes sense to use paid extensions and themes. One of such extension is the Paypal Cart, which will come in handy to users, who are right about to set up web eCommerce websites. The cost of the extension constitutes $29. Whatever extension you will go for, you’ll be able to use it for as long as you need.

As to the premium themes comprised of the set of ready-made content blocks, you can browse them in the corresponding website section to get the one that comes up to your needs. The cost of the themes is versatile and ranges between $19 and $39.  It is also possible to get the all-in-one extensions kit, saving up to 77% of the final cost. The kit includes all the premium plans and themes Mobirise offers to its clients.



If you are currently looking for a worthy responsive website builder, then uKit should be among the leaders on your list. The system is geared towards the needs and preferences of entrepreneurs. It allows creating business websites, which do not only have excellent look, but are also responsive. This is a feature that matters a lot for business owners willing to boost their company ratings.


uKit comes with a convenient drag-and-drop editor. There is no need to be a professional to master it well. Just choose the elements you’d like to be displayed at your website, drag them on a page, arrange them as you need and fill them with content. What can be simpler than that? uKit templates are interesting, professional and quality. Whatever niche you focus on, managing them won’t be a challenge. The themes are responsive and you can preview their desktop and mobile versions prior to making your choice. Customizing them is not complicated as well. To do that, you can integrate interactive widgets the system offers, change color schemes, add the pages and duplicate the existing ones. SSL Certification feature will make your website content protected from fraudulent actions.


When it comes to the pricing policy, uKit is one of the most affordable systems available in the contemporary web building market. It currently offers four paid plans and a free trial version that extends for 14 days. The trial allows testing all the features of the service at no cost so that it could be easier for you to understand what exactly you can get from the website builder. uKit plans and their cost are listed below:

  • Premium ($4/mo).
  • Premium + ($8/mo).
  • eCommerce ($9.60/mo).
  • Pro ($12/mo).

The cost of the plans reduces, if you make a one-time-yearly payment. Users, who need professional websites, but don’t have time to develop them on their own, may order a turn-key website designed by the system experts with maximum responsibility and attention to details.

Bottom Line

Responsive design has serious impact upon the success of your website promotion. There is the increased need for mobile-optimized websites. They are accessible on the web any time of the day and they make it simpler for your current and potential clients to find out your business info. Website builders allow creating responsive websites, even while moving from WordPress, with ease. Whatever website type you need and whatever web design skills you have, you will be able to easily launch and manage your website. SITE123, Ucraft, IM Creator, Mobirise and uKit are the most decent services to reach this goal. They are built with the needs of users in mind, ensuring simple, convenient and affordable web browsing environment.


Howard Steele is a professional web designer and the owner of https://superbwebsitebuilders.com/. His experience in online marketing and website development constitutes around 10 years. Howard personally tests and reviews website builders to provide users with unbiased and up-to-date information.