5 Ways to Successfully Use AdWords

BY IN Uncategorized, 27.09.2018

The use of Adwords remains a leading approach to reaching your online target market. However, the success of your Adword campaign hinges on how well you run this advertisement service.  You want an advertising campaign that will give the maximum return of your time and investment, and knowing how to best use AdWords is a step towards the right direction.

Bid on the right keywords and phrases

Adwords provides you with a long list of keywords to bid upon keying-in a keyword or phrase. However, each keyword is known to deliver a known volume of traffic depending on relevance to your market. Consequently, we recommend you evaluate the value and cost of a keyword before bidding. Preferably, consider bidding on keywords closely related to your landing page content.

Presuming budget constraints on your part, you may opt for low-priced middle-listed keywords.  Despite the temptation to use leading and costly keywords, note they offer stiff competition you might be better off avoiding them.

You can employ a keyword tool like Wordstream to pick out the most appropriate Adword keywords. Such a tool proves invaluable while bidding for keywords and aids in writing compelling advertisement content and employing the most appropriate keywords.

2. Create intriguing ads

Intriguing Ads attract lots of clicks. Text ads are by far the most effective. Nonetheless, writing Ad text isn’t as straightforward considering the limited number of words you can use.

To make your text ad more eye-catching, try the following:

  • Use a catchy, friendly but professional advertisement tone
  • Employ keywords and phrases relevant and directly resonate with your target audience
  • Update your ads as per the latest events
  • Use keywords and phrases that seem to offer solutions to problems faced by your audience

3. Remarketing for conversion rate optimization

Consider using a tracking code to remarket your business to potential customers. This is among the most effective way of enhancing your ad display to people most likely to seek your goods or service. Remarketing boosts your conversion rate optimization (CRO) besides playing a significant role in persuading skeptical customers to revisit your site, hence increasing their likelihood of clicking on your ads and making a purchase.

4. Make an irresistible offer

Stating attractive offers like money-back guarantees in your ads helps you stand out from your competitors. Supposing you decide to offer discounts, inform your clients as to your motives. Say, you’re clearing stock or offering an end of year sale; clarify.

5. Look out competitor Ads

You can borrow a few tips on running an Adwords campaign from your competition. Purpose to find out the keywords they use in their most effective advisements. Competitive intelligence tools like KeywordSpy can help you sneak into your competitor’s Adwords account to see the advertising information they use, including keywords and phrases.

A leading SEO Adelaide expert may prove helpful in your quest to run a successful Adwords campaign. Your know-how determines your return on investment, don’t take chances when it comes to internet marketing issues.