7 Video Marketing Trends to Watch Out for in 2021

BY IN Uncategorized, 23.12.2020

Video has been hot for several years now. The trend of staying home in 2020 will make it more popular than ever, heading into 2021. In 2021, experts predict the average person will consume 100 minutes of online video a day. That number is expected to increase over the next several years.

If you haven’t already incorporated video into your digital marketing strategy, now is the time to jump on board and take advantage of all the amazing things that video marketing has to offer. If your brand is currently creating videos as part of your marketing strategy, then you are already ahead of the game. Stay on top of the trends and a step in front of your competitors with these up-and-coming trends for 2021.

Video marketing should be incorporated into your digital marketing strategy. Use video marketing along with your other essential internet marketing processes to increase user engagement, the audience following, and revenue in 2021.

What is Video Marketing?

Much as the phrase implies, video marketing involves marketing a brand, product, or service using video advertising. Video marketing is one part of an overall digital marketing strategy.

There are a lot of ways to incorporate video marketing into a digital marketing strategy. Some popular types of videos that digital marketers integrate include:

  • Product videos
  • Explainer videos
  • Promotional videos
  • Customer testimonials
  • Behind-the-scenes videos
  • Livestreams of events and product launches

There is no limit to the types of videos you can create for your brand. Creativity and innovation can help you stand out from the crowd. Make sure to share your video across channels for maximum exposure.

If you are new to video marketing, don’t panic. By following some simple steps, you can develop a video marketing strategy that will help you get more traffic to your website and increase your overall revenue.

Digital Marketing Trends

The latest video marketing trends encourage user engagement and can be used in any industry. Implement them into your video marketing strategy in 2021 to increase audience engagement and encourage more people to click through to your website. Social media is a great place for video marketing. Let’s consider Instagram, If you are planning to grow on this platform then first you need to figure out how to download videos from Instagram. So you will know how successful people are working on their Instagram profiles.

Use Hotspots

It’s no longer enough for people to watch a video and wait until the end to click on a link that sends them to your website. Hotspots have emerged as a way for users to interact with the video by subscribing, visiting a link, or performing another activity that keeps them engaged with the brand as the video plays.

Create Personalized Video Messages

As more people have gotten comfortable with video conferencing, brands have started to create more personalized chat experiences through video. These video messages make the user feel like the person in the video is speaking directly to them, as if they were on a teleconferencing call.

Some brands are using pre-recorded videos to simulate a personal interaction, while others are starting to live chat using video.

Publish Long-form Videos

While short and sweet videos continue to dominate social media newsfeeds, longer videos are also on the rise. A recent study found that videos longer than 15 minutes have higher engagement than short videos. Yet, they only make up a small fraction of all online videos (about eight percent).

The trick to making a quality long-form video is to have a specific, compelling story to tell. You should also focus on production quality. Use a video editor, such as Fastreel Video Maker, Adobe Premiere, or Final Cut Pro to turn your video into a professional-looking film that will keep audiences engaged for 15 minutes or longer.

Educate Your Audience

People are searching for educational content online at a faster rate than ever before. A recent study concluded that 68 percent of consumers watch online videos to learn how to do something or to learn more about a particular product or service. That number is higher than the combined percentage of people who learn via eBooks, manuals, infographics, and articles combined.

Educational doesn’t have to mean boring. Find innovative ways to inform your audience to keep them engaged and encourage them to watch more of your videos. Webinars that educate audiences about your product or service are another trending form of video designed to engage audiences.

Optimize for Soundless Videos

People often watch videos without sound, whether because they are in public or in a space where they can’t hear very well. Global audiences may prefer videos without sound to cross the language barrier. All of these mean that adding captions and on-screen information is essential if you want to keep audiences engaged.

Optimizing for soundless videos also improves accessibility, which can help you rank higher in search engines and keep you relevant in the future as you reach audiences that are hard of hearing. There are a lot of video marketing tools available to help you optimize your videos for soundless streaming.

Wow Audiences with 360-Degree Video

This form of video encourages engagement because users need to click on the video to get the full 360-degree experience. While it does not make sense for every type of brand, those that are involved in travel, real estate, retail, and events can benefit from the value that a 360-degree experience brings to users.

A 360-degree video allows you to show an entire landscape or product to an audience in one shot. While it may sound complicated, you can easily download an app to a smartphone and create this type of video without getting any additional equipment.

Create Stories Using Vertical Video

Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok stories are hot right now. Vertical videos work best for these formats. They’re easy for viewers to watch and swipe through.

Use real people in vertical videos, like influencers, to create an authentic experience for viewers, and share them across channels to maximize your brand’s exposure.


Video marketing is going to be critical for all brands going into 2021. The above emerging trends are centered around increasing audience engagement through improved interaction and user experience.

You don’t need to invest in high-end technology to implement a video marketing strategy. Add some video marketing tools to your existing software toolkit in 2021 to dramatically increase your digital marketing efforts so you can build your audience and drive more traffic to your website.