Boost Online Marketing With Web Design & Development

BY IN Uncategorized, 25.07.2017

Web design and development is extremely fast-paced and always in demand. Web design is an important part of marketing. With the advancement of technology today, web design and development is a requirement in establishing a company’s online presence to be able to reach out to millions of web surfers worldwide.

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Web design is a process of creation wherein one gathers ideas and aesthetically arranging and implementing such ideas with the intention of presenting the content on electronic web pages. Such web pages must be accessible through the internet with the aid of a web browser. Layout is one of the elements wherein texts, graphics and ads are properly arranged. All information that every viewer seeks must always be found at a glance and each design maintain balance integrity and consistency.  The choice of colours must conform the purpose and the clientele. The uses of correct colors show the personality of the website and the graphics must be user-friendly and be placed appropriately. Make sure that the fonts enhance each page. Use only “web-safe fonts” because many web browsers can only read a selected number of fonts.

According to a US Study, 75% of people using the internet judge the credibility of an online company based on the design of the website. A poor website design has been proven to decrease the number of customers. Therefore, a company needs to ensure that its brand is clearly stated and the web design is effectively communicating to potential clients. The design must be impressive, attractive, legitimate and most importantly, trustworthy. Remember, a web design is more than the visual presentation of a page, it consists user interface, usability and website architecture.

A website that is visually compelling will attract more clients and will definitely increase profit. A website that makes a good impression will also leave a lasting impression.

A website development refers to all the tasks that are related with improving and developing sites for hosting via the internet. This includes processes such as web content development and web design, scripting, security configurations, programming data of a particular website, web server configuration, e-commerce development and more. It runs from creating simple texts to the most difficult applications and network services. The job of web developers is to incorporate design and do the coding and writing mark-up. Web development is very important in order to maintain a website. Web developers are also called web programmers because they build a fully functioning site and develop various websites complete with images, content sliders and other interactive elements.


Web design is simply attributed to the aesthetic aspect of a website. It also refers to its usability. Various design programs such as Adobe Photoshop are used by many web designers to create layouts and other visual elements needed to attract potential clients. You can also acquire web visitors by subscribing to web traffic sites offering trusted traffic. It is a requirement that web designers create a well- balanced layout by using correct proportions to colours. Emphasis and consistency is critical in the web design principle. Highlight important elements of the website and the navigation must be clean and consistent in order to provide the best user experience for website visitors.

Web development on the other hand, refers to the back-end of a website. Web development makes the website function. Its focus is to make a website work effectively to be able for visitors to navigate through it. Extensive knowledge in the different coding languages and web coding is required to be able to become a web developer. Web developer can convert a passive layout into a dynamic one using web applications and active states for buttons and links. It makes visitors become aware about the services and products that a company’s website is offering. It plays a big role in successful online business marketing because website development will allow a company to leave a mark on a global level.

Both web design and web development is essential to generate business with a best quality website.

Having an attractive and a well-developed website is cost effective and can generate more sales because it will attract more clients. Every website is made operational around the clock and potential customers can browse for products that they want to purchase.  Continuous service to online customers can increase a company’s credibility and make impressive online presence.