Easy To Follow SEO Rules For Your Business Website

BY IN Uncategorized, 14.12.2018

As a business owner, it is imperative to have a professional and functional website. With the rapid growth of online commerce, not having an online business presence could be robbing you of many of potential customers. Nearly 90% of all shoppers admit that they start their search for products and services online, and if they can’t find your company then you could be missing out.

There is more to website design than just an attractive page filled with information about your business. That’s a good place to start, but to really expand your customer base, you will need to optimize your page to show up higher in the search engine online results. Customers are much more likely to click onto your page link if you appear in the top search results, so making sure that you are high on that list is vital.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a marketing technique that helps search engines like Google recognize your page and content more easily. By using high ranking keywords, intuitive web page design and quality content you can be sure that your online visibility will increase. Here are the top rules about SEO that you should be following with your website content to help get you to the top of the search rankings.


Keywords are simply words or phrases that are relevant to your business. When consumers search for products or services, the search engine keeps track of the most common entries. For example, if you are running a pool cleaning service, you will want to have words like “pool cleaning”, “pool service”, or “local pool cleaner” in your content so that it can be easily picked up by the search engines.

You should have relevant keywords in your page titles, article headlines and subheadings to ensure that you are covering all the areas of your page. You don’t need to shower all of your content with keywords to the point of your content sounding awkward, but there should be a presence somewhere in the main content.

If you aren’t sure what keywords to use, you can try using Google Adwords, which will list the most popular search terminology that is used for businesses in your niche. You can always hire a marketing specialist to help you set up your page and create professional SEO content for you.

Quality Content

It doesn’t matter if your webpage is stuffed full of informational content, if it is not professional looking or sounding, it can prompt a consumer to lose interest. Quality is always preferable over quantity. Useful and interesting content that is set out in a professional way with an authoritative voice is going to give you better results with the search engine rankings.

Posts should be a minimum of 300 words and contain important keywords that are added in a naturally flowing way. Try to use all of the top combinations of keywords while still making your copy readable. Including attractive photos and eye-catching titles can help to make your content stand out.

Meta Data

Your meta data title and descriptions are the content that shows up in search engine results. You want to make sure that potential customers can see what you have to offer with a quick glance at their search results. Your meta title should be no more than 55 characters and include important and relative keywords. Your page meta description should be created with the same rules but can be as long as 150 characters. This is where you will be making your first impression with consumers, so you want to do everything that you can to persuade them to look further into your webpage.