Gaming and Betting Website Builder from BetConstruct

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SpringBuilder is a cloud website builder, the feature set of which is centered around creating betting and gaming websites. The service was developed by BetConstruct, a platform, which sees its mission in the creation of high-end online and offline gaming solutions. The website builder comes with a drag-and-drop editor. This contributes to the ease-of-use of the service and creates comfortable web building environment for all users, be it a web design pro or a novice.

The service is  also a nice choice for building classic types of gaming websites. It makes it possible to create multiple website pages, add and manage promotion and news sections, start landing pages, design promo banners and perform other actions. These are the major characteristics that make SpringBuilder a decent choice for goal-oriented web designers.


SpringBuilder is launched with ease-of-use and design-orientation in mind. Regardless of the rich choice of features, tools and versatility of website types the system allows to launch, it still comes with the intuitive dashboard, helpful tech support and step-by-step hints that will guide you through the entire web design process with ease.

There is no need to learn or improve your programming skills to launch and edit a website with the system. Likewise, you don’t have to contact account managers each time you wish to make the edits or update your website style, design, feature set or content. It is you, who is in charge of the web creation process and that is definitely a huge bonus.


When it comes to flexibility and feature set, SpringBuilder has much to offer. The system makes it possible to build betting and gaming websites of high quality. The control panel of the system is intuitive and simple, which makes the web design process hassle-free and convenient. The major sections available in the control panel are as follows:

  • Dashboard. This is the bulkiest part of the control panel, which comes with lots of functional design customization tools.
  • Elements. It involves the collection of widgets, which add to better website performance. The most popular widgets include Soundcloud, image gallery, icoms, maps, video integration as well as multiple elements for gaming and betting websites.
  • Colors. This is the place, where you can set up and adjust your website color scheme, making use of the tools the service offers.
  • Effects. If you have an intention to add special design or functionality effects to your website,  take your time to explore the SpringBuilder effects category.
  • Progress. If you have the desire to control the website development progress, this section is where you can do this.

Speaking about design customization features, SpringBuilder has a pretty extensive selection, namely:

  • Designer Tools. These are the dashboard tools you can effectively use when designing your website, adjusting its styling and color palette. SpringBuilder currently has three types of Designer tools, including Typography, UI Kit and Layout. Application of these tools doesn’t imply any coding knowledge and you just have to learn how to work with them to customize your website design.
  • Logo Maker. With SpringBuilder, you can design your own logo to further upload it to your website. This will be a nice representation of your business, which will attract the attention of the audience.
  • Drag and Drop Website Editor. The service has a convenient drag-and-drop editor, which allows making the changes on a website, designing its structure and layout with regard to your needs. This is fast, convenient and this doesn’t require serious coding skills.
  • Integration with the Third-Party Services. The website builder lets you integrate various external services into your website to boost its performance and design. Some of them include Google Analytics, Hotjar, Intercom, Disqus, Zendesk Chat, SEO app and what not.
  • Blogging and eCommerce Engines. The website builder makes it possible to launch powerful online stores and connect blogs to ready-made gaming websites. This is done by using the integrated system widget or the functional Articles App that comes with top notch functionality.
    Casino App. This SpringBuilder application is one of the most important features of the system, which allows setting up and managing your own online casino. By using it, you can collect all the games and their categories in one place – in the Dashboard. The tabs you may switch between and set up include Games, Categories,Types and Providers.
  • Multi Language Support. SpringBuilder offers reliable multi language support. Due to it, you can launch as many language versions of your existing website as you need.
  • Shared Website Management. The website builder has an option of shared website editing, which makes it possible to assign dashboard access rights to all the members of your web design team, who are responsible for the project development process.

SpringBuilder Page Types

The website builder stands out from the crowd due to its focus on the development of gaming and betting projects. To give your website niche-specific design, the service allows creating several web page types that come up to this goal.

Thus, the Sportsbook page comes with Live and PreMatch modes and several sections, such as Search, Sports List, Betslip and Live Match. You can also customize the Sportsbook web page in the dashboard of the service, reaching the corresponding section. If you have an idea to start a casino website, adding the Casino Page is what you should start with.

The app makes it possible to launch and manage your casino category and games in a single place. You can select casino templates, website backgrounds, set up SEO tags to boost your website positions in the search engines etc.

Another page type you can add to your website is the Sportsbook Calendar. This is the pace, where gamers will be able to check the upcoming schedules of their favorite games, find out recent news and check other events. Apart from that, you can add other page types, such as Pools Betting, Games, FinBet, Virtual Sports, Live Games and more.

Gaming Elements

SpringBuilder is initially a gaming website builder, even though, it allows creating other website types. The service abounds in specialized elements, which can enhance the gaming (betting) characteristics of your website. Some of the most essential SpringBuilder gaming elements comprise Betslip, Winners Chart, Selected Sports Games, Events, User Account, Casino Elements , Fantasy Sports, Mini Games.

These gaming elements are available in the dashboard of the system. They come with features and tools you can make use of to give your gaming or betting website the preferred design.

Team Management

SpringBuilder is created with design focus in mind! You don’t need to submit any requests to your account manager, if you face the need to change or update the content or styling of your gaming website! Your team members can easily manage your website in close cooperation to keep it up-to-date with your current marketing and promotion strategies.


When it comes to designs and templates, SpringBuilder has many of them you can choose from. The design collection is mainly oriented on gaming fans and sports enthusiasts, but it is also possible to launch standard websites with the blank template. However, the major template categories the website builder offers are as follows: Skill Games, Sports, Game, Casino, Sportsbet, FinBet, Fantasy, Promotions and Poker.  

You’ll be excited to find out that all the SpringBuilder templates are absolutely free for all users, irrespective of the pricing option they choose. What’s more, they are of high quality and responsive by default. As a result, they can adapt to different desktop and mobile screens to provide the best web browsing experience and gaming environment.


SpringBuilder developers are concerned not only with the convenience of the web design process, but also with the further promotion of ready-made projects in the search engines. The system can boast an advanced SEO App, which comes with step-by-step guidelines on how to boost your website optimization and traffic.

Just like the rest of applications, SEO App is available in the Dashboard and aims at helping you optimize your website pages for better indexing by the search engines. You’ll be able to analyze the structure of web pages, fill out meta tags (titles, descriptions, keywords), upload social images, modify the robots crawling behaviour in the dropdown menu.


The website builder takes care of user convenience. The developers of the service try their best effort to provide visitors with detailed information regarding all the questions they might have. If there is anything you doubt in or you just have any questions about the website builder, activate the LiveChat icon in the lower right corner of the website.

The support team will provide you with fast and valuable assistance to help you get started effectively. They react to any inquiry almost immediately. The website builder also has an informative knowledge base with tutorials and step-by-step guidelines on how to use the system.


The pricing policy of the website builder is flexible and affordable to all user categories. As a BetConstruct product, the system is free, providing an excellent opportunity to launch top notch betting and gaming websites at no cost at all. This pricing policy is applicable to all types of SpringBuilder websites, except for online stores. To build this type of website with the system, you’ll have to upgrade to one of the paid plans. These are Basic (Basic ($156/year), Pro ($372/year) or Unlimited ($720/year) plans. Each option comes with a particular feature set that covers different kinds of eCommerce web building needs.


SpringBuilder is a cloud drag-and-drop website builder, which stands out from the crowd due to its gaming (betting) specialization, abundance of design customization tools, rich template collection, rich feature set and flexible pricing policy. The system abounds in specialized gaming elements that can give your website excellent design and outstanding performance. You can create any number of niche-specific pages and set up SEO parameters to boost your website ranking in the search engines.

What’s more, it is also possible to launch a multilingual website here by using one of the features of the website builder. This helps attract the attention of foreign users, encouraging them to join your website. To sum it all up, SpringBuilder is a decent web building solution that is worth time and money investment.