Get a Responsive Subscription Form for Your Responsive Website

BY IN Uncategorized, 28.08.2017

SendPulse helps businesses grow through their fast and affordable services. Their slogan is “marketing made simple.” This you will find completely reflected in their website also. Any information about their products or services is presented in the most simple way possible. Therefore, one quick eye survey will acquaint you with all their principle offerings.


Not that they have less products/services to offer. Infact, SendPulse can boast of Email Marketing, SMTP Server, Web Push, SMS and API services. Along with that, the unique features of Drag and Drop Editor, Subscription Forms, Ready Made Templates, AB testing, Reporting and Adaptive Design make a very big impression.

Lets talk about its subscription forms and then discuss the other products briefly as well:

Subscription Forms:

SendPulse does not charge anything for using its subscription forms. It is free for all.

SendPulse also gives a lot of options. You can create your own subscription forms by deciding fields for name, email, gender or age etc. on your own. Or you can select from a large collection of ready made subscription forms. Also, SendPulse gives the customization option to match your forms with your website by using CSS.

The SendPulse responsive subscription forms are adaptable to all screen formats. Infact, smaller screen makes these subscription forms look even better.


1- The embedded form could be placed anywhere you want on the screen.

2- The pop-up window appears only after a trigger. You decide what that trigger will be. It can be a particular time period a visitor spends on your site or it can be the time when they are leaving your site.

3- The floating form is the most easily noticeable type of form for your subscribers.

The text of the notifications can also be edited. The users see this notification after they fill out the subscription form.

You can write the confirmation email by your own. After users sign up, this email gets sent automatically.

The confirmation page can also be created and edited. This is the page which the subscribers see after clicking the confirmation link.

Email Marketing:

Sendpulse has a large collection of ready-made templates from the categories of Holiday, Travel, Business, Education and Healthcare etc. These templates are adaptable to all mobile device formats.

One can create their own templates also. The steps are simple and easy that even a beginner can easily follow and create.

Now why should the selection of templates is so important? This is because your templates give the first impression of your emails to your readers, so they can either draw your readers in to engage more or they can repel your readers entirely.

SendPulse has the option of personalization. So you can send different emails based on gender, residence and age etc. This way you can make it more likely that your audience read and engage with your emails. And with their A/B testing, you can try different emails to see which email gets the highest engagement, that way you know what email to send the next time you plan to target a particular audience.

Through automated sending, your mails will be sent on their own right after anyone subscribes to your website.

SMTP Service:

Your mails are often checked by the mail servers for guaging the sender’s reputation. Based on the servers, your mails could end up in the spam folder before reaching the recipient’s inbox.

That’s where a dedicated IP address comes in handy. And hence the SMTP service of SendPulse comes which provides a reliable SMTP server with easy integration and 12,000 messages per month free.

SMS Service:

You can communicate to more than 200 countries on 900 mobile networks.

It works at the speed of 200–500 SMS messages per second around the world.

You can personalize your messages and show your company’s own name or telephone number as the sender of the SMS.