Instagram Analytics and Why They Matter

BY IN Uncategorized, 8.01.2020

A lot of instagram account owners overlook the importance of analytics. Whether it is a personal account or a business one, you have to keep track of your analytics so that you can determine if your strategy is successful or not. While a lot of people don’t give thought to instagram analytics, those who do have an upper hand at succeeding on instagram. Read on to see why you should start paying more attention to your instagram analytics.  

They make work easy for you

You cannot get rid of your instagram analytics that easy, whether you are using them or not. And if you are instagram account owner, you will probably be worrying about who followed or unfollowed you, how well your posts are doing, and when your audience is online the most. Analytics make work easy for you, and if you are using them, then you will always be in the know of how many followers you get, what time they love been online the most, and other important nitty gritties that go a long way to helping you succeed. 

They help measure your efforts

When you open an instagram account, you probably have a goal, or more, you want to achieve. Instagram analytics are great for gauging all your efforts, whether they are directed toward gaining more followers, engaging them, or even making sales. What you will need to do is set your goal and come up with a strategy to help you achieve this goal. When you have a defined strategy, then you can use analytics to keep track of what is working and what is not. This way, you know how to improve on what is not working and how to keep on implementing whatever is helping you realize your goals. 

There are different types of metrics that will help you measure your efforts. Each of these metrics have their purpose, and you need to know which one to focus on. For instance, if you have a personal instagram account, you may want to measure your engagement and viewership metrics, but if your account is meant for business, you may want to measure your sales metrics, and lead-based metrics, among others. 

They help you make informed decisions

While instagram analytics will help you keep up with your followers, they will also help you make informed decisions. After establishing what is working and tweaking what is not working to improve results, you will want to make informed decisions about the future. If you want your account to continue performing well, then you will need to plan for the future. You need to create a social media plan and establish what your next goal is, if you achieved the first one. You need to understand that your online success is not going to come overnight, so you will need to plan for your next move. 

Bottom line

Instagram analytics is not meant only for expert marketers and professional social media managers. Whether you are a beginner or you have been around for a while, you will need to pay attention to your analytics if you want to grow your account.