Octopuz Offline Programming Software

BY IN Uncategorized, 21.12.2018

Octopuz is a robotic programming and simulation software. It is a powerful simulation and programming software which enables robotic programmers to create offline robotic programs away from the computer on some applications. The software aims at harnessing the most user-friendly experiences available for robot operations. It carries out programming and simulations such as training, full implementation, and support courtesy of OCTOPUZ INC, the expert developers who thought out this wonderful programme.

Regarding its features, the Octopuz robot software is fully supported with a Polyscopic controller, and can fully support the UR3, UR5, and UR10 robots, including the robot simulation and code output. Asides UR robots, the OCTOPUZ software has an extensive library for the different robot, models, Fixtures, End-Of-Arm-Tooling, Conveyor units, positioners and more. The software includes a Drag-and-drop functionality- to ensure easy cell layout setup. To ensure smooth CAM operation, the software integrates Mastercam and SolidCAM for complex toolpath generation. To avoid potential robot errors, it incorporates an Automated path solving for errors including joint limits, reaches limits, collisions and singularities.

OCTOPUZ 2.0 Software

The OCTOPUZ 2.0 is ideal for any robot configuration and offers the possibility of offline simulation eve code generation for multiple robots, working either independently or simultaneously, no matter the brand and configuration. OCTOPUZ provides a mainstream, versatile, powerful, and effective solution for any robotic challenge. OCTOPUZ is sold, supported and loved worldwide with the help of the network of valuable international partners.

The OCTOPUZ 2.0 comes with a lot of exciting features. It incorporates a new interface and visuals aimed at a higher intuitive and modernized experience for its users. The windows are very easy to move and dock at a better and more simplified mode. The current release equally includes a more accessible and faster access menu for simulation, viewing, and manipulations aimed at giving users the ability to switch easily between views.

For the OCTOPUZ 2.0 enhancements have been made to improve the CAM programs. The CAM enhancements available overrides user use of CAM software for simpler paths, now users can create a path directly using the OCTOPUZ 2.0 instantly. Currently, users can generate tool paths independently through the available edges on all the components within OCTOPUZ 2.0.

Regarding time efficiency during welding, the OCTOPUZ 2.0 welding application saves cycle time by search engine grouping. Before OCTOPUZ 2.0 user has initiated a multiple torch clean routine and reference one touch routine for a required weld routine.

In addition to these main features, there were other improvements made to the OCTOPUZ software including:

  • Calculation of external values with default settings
  • Identification of post capable robots
  • Storing previous external variables
  • Half Plane Visualization
  • AutoSave
  • Autonomous, intuitive weld creation intelligent,
  • Path creation and rapid modification are possible with a few clicks.
  • Fully implement and simulate touch-sensing, multi-layer, stitching and weave.
  • Can simultaneously calculate up to three external linear axes.
  • External rotary axes are automatically calculated to keep the weld wire vertical, horizontal for certain faces, or at a downhill angle.
  • Automatically create touch sensing searches and corrections to compensate for part inaccuracies.
  • Automatically finds the start/end of welds and applies torch flares into corners.
  • Configure multiple angle settings.
  • Set constant steps across a surface.
  • Create remote tool center points for carrying parts to stationary tooling.
  • Utilize high-speed toolpaths to increase accuracy and speed.
  • Integrate roughing and finishing operations.
  • Simulate the full process including changing tooling or entire heads.
  • Easily generate complex drilling paths.
  • NC import.
  • Tool manager