9 Innovative Presentation Concepts That Will Inspire Audiences

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Many presentations are created and delivered at the workplace every day.

In fact, PowerPoint presentations still rule the roost in present times.

A memorable presentation isn’t just about a great idea. It’s about how that idea is supported by credible data and eventually translated onto the slides and the speech to make a difference.

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For a presentation to stick with an audience over time, you need to ensure the content is skillfully structured, the slides are strategically designed and synchronized, and of course, your public speaking techniques are used effectively.

If any of these key components are overlooked, your presentation may just remain a mediocre one with your overall efforts going to waste.

Here we are presenting a few innovative presentation concepts that’ll sustain the interest and curiosity of audiences.

9 Innovative Presentation Concepts that will inspire audiences 

They say the most memorable presentations are the ones that successfully manage to engage and inspire the audience. They’re the ones most likely to be remembered long after the meeting or conference has concluded.

It could be because of that stunning design, offbeat elements, or the presenter’s awe-inspiring delivery. Any of these factors may have clicked with the audience.

Wondering what you can do to transform a run-of-the-mill presentation into an unforgettable experience?

By and large, you need to communicate in a way that captures the attention of the audience.

Just as business web templates provide guidance for building websites, similarly presentation templates offer innovative ways to create interactive presentations.

We’ve noted down 9 creative ways of breathing life into a dull presentation, thereby making it memorable for your audience. 

1. Play around with a color palette

You’ve no idea how a dash of color can make a world of difference. The way you use a combination of colors in your presentation can help effortlessly grab eyeballs. All you need to do is ensure the color scheme is tastefully implemented and maintained across all the slides of the presentation.

Feel free to experiment with two-toned patterns, thus adding varied visual elements and accents to the background.

While you may begin with a black-and-white design, surprise your audience by introducing a bright pop of color in the slides.

Color palettes with contrasting hues create an eye-popping effect while retaining the aesthetic appeal throughout.

If you want to play safe, opt for neutral shades that’ll pass off a subdued yet pleasant vibe. 

2. Choose a captivating background theme

The background image used in the presentation has the ability to both engage and distract, based on how judiciously you select the image.

After all, this image will serve as the design theme that the audience will be looking at for a major part of the presentation.

While zeroing in on the right image, ensure there is considerable negative space on which the text will be placed. Play around with patterns, textures, and symbolic images that are relevant to the presentation.

Usually, images that are aesthetically pleasing, thought-provoking, and denote action and flow are the top picks for a presentation.

However, in the quest to find a striking background image, ensure the audience’s attention doesn’t waver. After all, the goal is to keep the focus on the foreground where texts, graphics, and special effects are added.

3. Translate thoughts and ideas into speech bubbles

Speech bubbles have emerged as effective creative tools to convey key information to the audience during your presentation.

Gone are the days of simplified bullet points since they’re considered passive learning in today’s times. A successful presentation includes active learning which can be achieved through imagery and interactions in the form of speech bubbles.

Use them to demonstrate an idea or display a character’s thoughts and emotions in your story. Moreover, they efficiently illustrate major milestones on a timeline.

When the data and feedback of survey results are revealed through speech bubbles, they create a profound impact. However, you must exercise caution so that these tools are not overused in the presentation. Bombarding your presentation with too many speech bubbles won’t help as the aim is to draw the audience’s attention to critical pieces of information.   

4. Use relevant templates to show you the way

relevant template


Templates guide you through the creation of a presentation, making it look like a fun and hassle-free process.

Premium templates found on the internet offer unmatched style and content options.

The most popular templates are the ones that focus on flexibility and versatility, merging with any topic from any industry. Pitch.com has a huge collection of templates for a wide range of topics including product launches, business proposals, ad agency pitches, market research, architecture portfolio, and many more.

Thanks to such custom templates, you don’t have to worry about starting from scratch.

There’s already a decent prototype available on which you can mount your thoughts, ideas, data, and proposals. 

5. Ditch the conventional slide-by-slide approach

Look beyond the confines of slides to come up with interactive presentation tools that’ll utilize dynamic designs to interact with the audience and take them on a journey.

You should be able to seamlessly navigate between topics and subtopics of your presentation in any order of your choice.

Why not opt for a vertical instead of the regular horizontal layout?

Instead of simply hopping from one slide to the next, the transition between sections should appear as pathways or scenes that’ll take your story forward while zooming in and out on key points.

These techniques will render a cinematic feel to the presentation and help inspire audiences.

6. Create videos to tell your story



Videos are one of the most potent tools for presenting ideas and stories. That explains why presenters have been incorporating videos into their slide decks as more of a rule rather than an exception.

We prefer to witness a story unfold using impactful videos instead of lifeless chunks of text. In fact, 86% of presenters use videos as crucial marketing tools.

It’s time to reinvent the power of videos to enhance your narrative.

Many templates are accompanied by the option of embedding videos that automatically start playing as you navigate to certain sections of the slide decks.

The videos shouldn’t distract, they ought to boost engagement and merge with the presentation flow.

Instead of sticking out like a sore thumb, they should complement your presentation theme and message.

Go through the stick video sites on YouTube to choose the most appropriate ones.

7. Breathe life into the narrative with interesting audio

If videos create such a mammoth impact, can audios be far behind?

Audios are a critical means of minimizing text and maximizing audience attention. Just by adding the right sound to the presentation, you can create an enriching experience for an audience member.

As the audio plays in the background, you can share your ideas, walk around the stage and navigate various aspects of the presentation. The subtle effect of sound helps the audience focus on what you’re presenting, while also creating a movie-like ambiance.

Many presenters deftly employ music to set the tone of the discussion or inject them occasionally to regain audience engagement.

While talking about something positive and exciting, choose upbeat music. Similarly, opt for dramatic tunes to trigger an emotional response. If your presentation is backed by a catchy tune, rest assured the presentation will stay in your audience’s mind for a long time.

8. Weave magic with animations and gifs

Bring your static slides to life with engaging animations and gifs. They create movement in your presentation and heighten audience engagement.

Moreover, they add to the overall charm of the narrative as you go about creating your story frame by frame.

By including gifs in the slide decks, you’ll be able to make your point without verbalizing it. Use them sparingly to support your story or message instead of overwhelming the whole presentation.

Watch how your presentation transforms into a fun and dynamic affair as the audience starts responding to these animations and gifs.

9. Create a relevant timeline

A presentation timeline isn’t a new concept. What matters is how innovatively you implement it to wow the audience.

In most cases, timelines are used as the focal point of the presentation while you navigate along to narrate your story or action plan.

Each step or event of the timeline should be marked with a distinct image, icon, shape, story bubble, etc.

A timeline comes to your rescue as you toggle back and forth between sections, depending on which key point you’re highlighting at that instant.

It guides your storyline and ensures your talk doesn’t deviate from the events mentioned in the timeline. 


When the world is full of such interesting stuff, why should your presentation be dull and boring!

It’s time to step outside your comfort zone and try something fresh and unique.

Refer to the nine innovative presentation concepts described above to create dynamic layouts that’ll help your work stand out above the rest.

Once you get a grip on these techniques, the audience will naturally be drawn to the story you’re trying to convey through your presentation.