Responsive Free Joomla Templates of 2020

BY IN Uncategorized, 24.01.2020

Nowadays the presence of free Joomla templates made it easier to Joomla users to create a site than it was before. But choosing the best Joomla template for your site, which will serve you a good presentation you on market is a really difficult task. As being said, your first impression is also your last impression. So that your site cannot impress your client, it is completely useless that you are of high quality.

Therefore, when choosing the Joomla template for your site you should be more careful. In this article, we will share our experience in choosing the best free Joomla template and will provide you some of them. When selecting a free professional Joomla template, you need to consider many factors.

While you choose a template for your site the main factor is relevancy, which matters a lot. You must select an industry-specific Joomla template. For example, if you have a Law firm, then select a business Joomla template, do not go with a shop or any other template. Selecting the right template will reduce the amount of work needed to optimize your layout and content of your future website. Therefore, always go with such a template that is related to your business industry.

There are many free Joomla templates on the market that are very imaginative in appearance, but they provide too complex functionality. Therefore, it is recommended do not go with the trendy, but choose a clear, simple and easy Joomla template. Working on a template will be easy, and you can do whatever you want, for example, to extend and add more extensions. The template’s functionality is the most important element while checking a template. You have to choose such one which functions will be helpful for your website in the future.

One of the main factors while choosing a template is browser compatibility which you have to consider. No one never wants to leave any client to his competitors. There are many Joomla templates that ignore the IE browser, but it is necessary to verify that your one is compatible with all types of web browsers. Yes, it is 2020, but unfortunately, still, there is a large audience that uses old browsers like Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.

JF Simone

Free Joomla Templates - JF Simone

JF Simone is the top free Joomla template released by JoomForest and makes your site look like a stunning eCommerce, forum or blog. With its functionality, you can place your top important content directly on your home page. Based on the popular Gantry 5 framework, it offers an easy tool that makes it very easy to change colors and fonts. This template also works with the Phoca Cart Joomla extension, so it can be used to sell online products. And with a lightweight design, fast loading, responsive layout, this is a good template for anyone looking for increasing their rankings in search engines.

JF Connecto

Free Joomla Templates - JF Connecto

JF Connecto is a powerful and one of the most popular free Joomla templates. This is because it can be used for any kind of website, whether it be an online store, blog, forum, social network or a small business website. It can be customized with unlimited color widgets, easily can change Google fonts, has high-quality vector icons, and many other customization options. This template also offers well-detailed documentation to help website builders to build sites easily. And with clean and well-written code, the template is optimized for quick load, which will increase SEO boosting. It’s slideshow image widgets makes this template very attractive. Using such widgets, you can display the slide effect of the image on any Joomla page. And with its wide range of settings, you can build any kind of website.

JF Corporate

Free Joomla Templates - JF Corporate

JF Corporate is the best free Joomla business template that can be customized for all kinds of websites. If you want to create a personal brand and are looking for the perfect Joomla template, check out JF Corporate. It was developed based on the latest standards of web technology, and it is based on the popular Gantry framework. However, this template works with various Joomla extensions, such as the JomSocial and Kunena forum, so you will not have integration problems.

JF Business

Free Joomla Templates - JF Business

JF Business is another beautiful free business Joomla template based on the Gantry framework and is easily suitable for any type of business. This is a free premium designed business template that comes with a lot of extra features. For example, you can check out automatic updates and detailed documentation that will help in case of problems. The template is translation-ready, mobile responsive, and designed for speed in order to increase rankings in SEO purposes.

And there you have it! You can use any of the great free Joomla templates listed in the article to start your own journey in Joomla site creation. These Joomla templates are flexible, mobile responsive, and the best choice for any type of website you want to create. We hope you enjoyed our article on the most popular and best free templates.