Starting Your Gaming Website? The Key Could be Gorgeous Design

BY IN Basics of Web Design, 4.05.2017

One of the reasons many businesses do not thrive as the owner’s project is because they actually think too highly of themselves or they love theories more than the practical. People tend to forget to talk about the place of human emotions and senses in decision-making. When you forget to talk about the small things and focus on the big things, you lose the essence. Just as it is in slot machines online for real money, every video game you want to design – the surface beauty of the web pages will count.

This boils down to some of those things that affect our decision making, even when we don’t know.  So, when getting into the foray of gaming, the level of elegance, beauty, and cuteness also matters and in a very big way.


What Do We Mean By A Gorgeous Website?

Of course, when you are talking about a website being cute and beautiful, this means that you will have a feeling of love for the website once you get on it. This will depend on the volume, type and colour combination of the graphics you have on the pages of the website. This will also boil down to how bold the write-ups are, how beautiful they are in terms of the fonts, and how colour was used between the characters. This will also include the spacing involved in the captions with links and how visible and easy to locate they are. How many games are you offering and how many steps would be taken to arrive at each? In fact, the beauty of the website is about the entire look and feel of the pages when you get in. This has a long way to go in deciding whether a customer stays back to play the games or not. For your gaming website to qualify being called gorgeous, there should be no breaks in downloads, it should be fast in loading, and must be reliable.


Every Visitor Deserves Limited Time on Your Page

It is proven that web visitors spend only about 5 seconds on a webpage before they make the decision of whether to play games or quit. This shows that the inner functionality of the website is something they will discover later. This is the beauty and elegance in the first and second pages have made them stay. You have to make them stay for more than 5 seconds before they discover how functional your game website is and you do this with the beauty and ease of use of the homepage.

Entertainment Aspect of Games

Remember that this is an entertainment option and people want to be entertained. The animation, audio, graphics and other things they see will offer this and not the long SEO articles.


First Impression Is Key

Nobody will ever rule out the effects of the first impression. The beauty of the site, which will include the graphics, sounds, page layout, characters, colour, and other features will also enhance your Google ranking.

There are many gaming websites out there, so yes, making yours gorgeous is imperative.