The Connection Between Social Media, Website Design, and SEO

BY IN Basics of Web Design, 11.05.2017

When you design a website for your business, it can be tempting to focus on one aspect of the process: design. It is of course important to design a site that is pretty to look at, but if that’s all you focus on you’ll end up with a site that is visually stunning but hard to find. What good is that? No matter how amazing your website looks, if no one can find it, it won’t matter.


On the flipside, if you focus on search engine optimization, your website is likely to be found by the search engines but once your visitors find you, if your site isn’t designed to grab their attention and to keep them around a while, your conversion rates will be low. Finally, if you focus only on social media in your website design, you probably won’t get the kind of investment return you are looking for, either. Social media, optimization and user-friendly design are all interrelated concepts when it comes to creating an impactful website. If you want to solidify a good web presence online, you should be utilizing all three of these concepts in your web design.

Although you may think the best place to start is by considering SEO, Melbourne web designers are actually recommended to keep all three of these aspects in mind simultaneously for best results. How does one do that? First, when choosing a template for your design, it’s a good idea to find one that not only matches the overall feeling you want for your website but also that offers search engine optimization supports, too. In this way, you can create a site that meets your audiences needs while at the same time optimizing your site so that when you do launch it, it is ready to be found by the search engines.

In terms of social media, it’s important to ensure that your site is easily shared on social media. Today’s web users love to share and interact with their friends and followers, and if they find something shareworthy online, they will want to share it with the people in their social circles. Make it easy for them to do so and they will be more inclined to share. Including “sharing” buttons in your design, and don’t forget to let visitors know how they can follow you on social media, too! The more ways you can provide for your followers to interact with you and to share your content, the more exposure you’ll get.

So, good website design is essentially a three-pronged project. You’ll need to create great designs, optimize your site for the search engines, and make it easy for your content to be shared and you’ll create the kind of site that gets noticed, respected, valued, and visited time and again. Do all three of those things and you’ll have followed the recipe for website success.