The Top 5 Things You Can Learn From Your Competition

BY IN Uncategorized, 27.07.2018

Competition is part of life and we cannot overlook it. Different people view it differently but the bottom line is that it is healthy as it builds the momentum for growth and progress. There are multiple players in the industry that your business is in and there is a lot you can learn from competition. Here are the top 5 lessons you can learn from your competition:

  1.    The Content You Create Should Be Relevant And Valuable

Content is what people look for when they come to your website and it matters a lot what you present to them. A wise move to make is to analyze the kind of content that your competition is publishing that is making them gain more traffic and achieve more conversions.

Check on the topics that your competition is banking on the most and develop content on it that is both relevant and valuable to your audience.

  1.    Strategically Schedule Publication Of Your Content

The number of posts you publish on your website and when you actually publish them determines greatly how you build an audience and how well you sustain them. You need to learn how your competitors have scheduled the publication of their posts, how they determine which post to release and how effective their strategy is.

With this information, develop your own publication strategy that will surpass that of your competition and give you a competitive advantage over them.

  1.    You Need To Grow Your Subscriber Network

It is one thing to create and publish great content and have huge traffic come to your website, but it’s another thing to build a loyal customer base that sticks with you all the way. Your competition has a strong network of subscribers that they have gathered through effective marketing strategies such as an email list.

You can learn this strategy from your competition and start building your own subscriber network that will help you grow your brand to the next level.

  1.    Bridge The Gap Using Social Media Platforms

Social media cannot be ignored. Most businesses today have a social media presence because they understand that most of their audience is present there. But having a social media presence is not enough. How you handle it is what matters a lot.

Your competition has a higher engagement on social media platforms. They interact with their audience, respond to questions speedily, make their services known to them and this draws them closer to their target audience.

You can learn this lesson from them and implement it in a better way and bridge the gap between your business and your client base via your social media platforms.

  1.    Develop A Good Web Design

Image matters. It creates an impression of who you are to your audience. Your competition is using good images and videos on their site and their website theme and coding are at its best which this gives them a higher competitive advantage and more conversions. You can learn this from your competition and implement it on your business website.

You may not be an expert at web design but you can outsource this service from industry experts with the best skills to do it for you.

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