Top SEO Hacks For Your Wedding Business Website

BY IN Uncategorized, 12.03.2018

When it comes to running your wedding business, you know how important your online presence is. Whether you’re a wedding planner working with couples in your local area or you have a specialized bridesmaid dress design store that ships all over the country, one of the most important ways of getting potential customers to find out about what you’re offering is by making your SEO as effective as possible. It’s worth investing time in–but that doesn’t mean that you have to go so far as to take out a loan to afford it. There are some great free ways you can improve your SEO–and they’re easy, too.

So if you want to improve your visibility online, check out the SEO hacks and attract more potential customers to your wedding business website:

Learn about new keywords

The fact is, what couples are looking for when they’re getting married can change from year to year. Whether it’s the state of the economy that means peoplel are typing in “budget” before “wedding planners” or more people are choosing to have same-sex weddings so you can attract more same-sex couples by writing content aimed toward them, it’s important to update your keywords as much as possible.

Additionally, now that Americans are spending over four hours a day on their phones, you’ll also want to use keywords that people would speak into a phone–which means that they’ll be more conversational, and longer, than what someone might type on Google when they’re in a rush looking at their screen.

Focus on location

If you’re a local-based vendor, you’re going to want to focus on location when it comes to the content you’re posting, too. Many people will type in things like “wedding cake vendors NYC,” so if that’s where you’re located, you’ll want to include the city–and get as specific as you can with other keyword combos, like “LGBTQ friendly cake vendor Brooklyn.”

According to Search Engine People, in addition to location keywords, you’ll also want to use “schema markup for local businesses injected into contact pages to give clear indications to search engines of your shop’s physical location,” location keywords in your homepage, and get on local directory listings such as Yelp, and create a Google My Business page. Considering that Google accounted for 79 percent of all global desktop search traffic in 2017, this will make a huge difference in your SEO ranking.

Be smart with your images

Especially when it comes to wedding businesses, your clients are going to want to see what products and services you’re offering–so making your site filled with images is a great way of having a beautiful and informative website. And when it comes to any content you’re posting on your blog, you’ll want to include lots of images and beautiful design, too. Additionally, you can optimize your images for SEO:

According to Patch Media, “your image Alt text is a way to tell search engines what the image is…The file name is used in a similar way so…start giving your images descriptive file names before you upload them to your website. Remember Google likes websites that are user-friendly, and user-friendly websites have images to support their copy. Optimizing your images will not only help your search rankings but will also mean your images have a better chance of showing up in Google image searches, very important for wedding venues where the purchase decision relies so heavily on visuals.”

Considering that 51 percent of B2B marketers prioritized creating visual content assets in 2016, this is a no-brainer for anyone looking to improve their site’s SEO.

Be smart about links

When it comes to having great SEO, you’ll also want to use internal and outbound links intelligently. According to Fleurir Creative, “By linking pages together on your website, you can help the search engine spiders crawl your site and therefore give more insight into what your website is about. So have a look through your pages and see where you can add in some internal links.” It’ll take a bit of work, but once you practice you’ll get better at creatively internally linking.

When it comes to outbound links, you don’t want to go overboard. After all, an article full of links all over the place is going to be confusing to your readers, which is the last thing you want. But a positive of outbound links is that it’ll demonstrate you’re an authority on a subject–after all, if you’ve done your research, it’ll show in the great links you include. So if you want to share great links, according to Shout Me Loud, make them ones you trust, or link to articles with a high share number on social media, or link to bloggers and networkers in your niche of the industry.

Considering that a 2016 study by Reboot demonstrated that there’s a positive correlation between a page’s outgoing links and its search rankings, it’s time to find some great outbound links if you haven’t already.

By using these SEO hacks, you’ll be well on your way to more success with your wedding business website. Do you have other SEO hacks you use to draw traffic to your website?