Top Tips for Massive Instagram Growth

BY IN Uncategorized, 25.11.2020

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world today. About 500 million people use their Instagram accounts every day. This popularity has made this platform home to the most engaged audiences of all social media platforms. Today, it is grown to be more than just a site to share pictures and videos, to a tool that users can expand their brands with. However, you need to work on your account to grow your audience by getting as many followers as possible. Here are some tips that can assist you to gaining organic Instagram followers.

Post, Post, Post

Posting content is the number one cardinal rule towards growing your followers on Instagram. It is the number one reason why you have the followers you have and among the reasons why you will continue to have more. You need to keep posting new and exciting content to keep your audience engaged and attract more. As long as your audience keeps glued and reacting to your content, you can be sure that they will also share with their followers, exposing you to more people.

Use Hashtags

Now that you know the first rule, the other tips are secondary but very important. Just posting content will get you a following, but not a massive one. You need to have new users other than your existing followers see your content. You do this by identifying popular hashtags and using them along with your interesting content. These tags expose your content to other popular pages with a lot of new users. They also make it possible for users to find your page when they search for particular content. You are likely to get a new audience that identifies with your style. However, ensure that the tags you use resonate with your page. Don’t just throw any other tags around.

Use the Right Filters

When posting your content, pay close attention to how pictures and videos look like. Posting just plain and uninteresting pictures or videos will not bring you a massive audience. Instagram filters are there for a purpose. That purpose is to help you edit your pictures, and have them attracting as many people as possible. Those filters could make a difference that will make your pictures get a few more likes than they would have without. The best way to choose your filters is to study your posts and see those that your audience responds to with the most likes. Then you can customize your photos around those.

Choose the Right Time to Post

The time you post your content matters a lot. Most Instagram users are not aware of this, but it is something that you should put into consideration to garner more engagement. You can have a targeted approach where you post particular content at a particular time. If you have a dedicated time that you post either videos or pictures, your fans will get used to that pattern and will be waiting for your content at that particular time. This method works best with