Top Ways to Enhance your SoundCloud Following

BY IN Uncategorized, 10.07.2017

You love your tracks and want millions of other listeners to appreciate them too; in fact, you crave for a torrent of followers for your SoundCloud posts. However, things are not as simple as they sound. The challenges of bringing in the desired number of followers are diverse and many.


Along with incorporating other tools for increasing the number of daily visitors, you may want to buy SoundCloud followers to encourage other music lovers to engage with your network. You would also want them to post comment threads and start in-depth discussions – So as to add more value to your post.

Buying followers for SoundCloud is considerably easy, but it is essential to find the best company or web site to go about the act effectively. It is vital to invest in the right social media partners and website networks to garner high traffic. Once you start seeing a notable increase in downloads and followers, you can look forward to gaining real exposure at a steady and natural pace. Soon, more real people will join your posts in the form of regular listeners.

Useful tool for getting more SoundCloud plays

As an established musician or SoundCould follower, you can get people to listen to the tracks of your choice by using some proven means. These smart and effective tools are a must-have for audiophiles who like to use SoundCloud for finding audio tracks that are not readily found anywhere. Are you ready to boost SoundCloud Plays with the following solutions?

  1. Increasing SoundCloud plays in different ways 
  • MixCloud helps you import tracks from SoundCloud conveniently and leverages the benefits of its own loyal base of followers.
  • Hypeddit attracts more listeners by providing helpful fan gates.
  • Landr severs as an efficient manager of your tracks and offers all SoundCloud listeners optimum listening opportunities and better-quality music.
  • Click DJ manages SoundCloud follower activity on diverse social media platforms from a singular, centralized location.
  • The Artist Union provides able connectivity with a host of other artists for increased visibility.
  • Facebook happens to be the largest social media outlet for the promotion of all kinds of SoundCloud tracks.
  • Youtube will help you premier the videos containing your SoundCloud music to a wide audience.
  • TuneCore Social provides new and innovative production, listening, and promotion tools for adding volumes to your SoundCloud presence.
  • Twitter is an important tool for providing regular updates, teasers and comments for your new tracks.
  • Pinterest is another helpful social media tool for promoting your tracks.

You may like to use any or more of these tools to attract more followers to your SoundCloud plays.

  1. Create result-oriented follow-to-download gateways

There are some websites that help you set up your sound tracks, and permit users to like, repost and follow your account or song track in return for a download. So, instead of giving your songs free of charge, you may wish to set up an account with such free sites. Once you register, you can get introduced to other artists through active gateways.

  1. Go for the best music creation

Buying followers for your music promotion on SoundCloud, especially the organic way, can fetch good returns. Sound promotional activities can be best completed by making epic music on a consistent basis. It is not a good idea to leave your WiPs and loops unfinished upon being scared of criticism; this will not get you far. Once you have completed your sound tracks and have ensured that they sound awesome, post them on SoundCloud readily. Your tracks should not be too complicated or repetitive. They should have feelings that can be communicated to listeners in the easiest of ways. In other words, write and create music that has the ability to touch the right chord and see your SoundCloud followers grow in numbers.

  1. Leverage your network of SoundCloud friends & connections

Once you have a strong network of SoundCloud users, you can promote your music in many different ways with the help of other fellow musicians and followers. The key to leveraging this benefit lies in imparting real value to all others; instead of just thinking about your gains and fancies. Positive and ongoing engagements can get you more followers and likes on your dashboard. Its best to avoid spam-following and spam-liking as the outcome may not be as desired by your brand. The right way to move ahead is:

  • Find people with the kind of music you like.
  • Like, comment and repost their songs.
  • Find them on other social media platforms and increase their popularity by (say) putting a ‘Like’ on their Facebook pages.
  • Send these people individual messages via SoundCloud and reveal how you have shared their tracks with your followers. Trigger off long, healthy conversations that aim for mutual growth.

4. Leave comments and respond to other SoundCloud user comments

By leaving meaningful and friendly comments, and not merely the ones that have just been put up for the sake of writing something as a response, you are likely to get more noticed on SoundCloud. You can make your presence felt through your choice of words and attract more comments and visitors to your sound tracks. Your pattern of penning appreciative comments will be well taken by your followers and increase the traffic to your account.

5. Link up with new connections

By collaborating with other musicians and your followers, you can be assured of getting more exposure to new fan bases as well as your own. It is important to encourage reciprocal relationships by allowing others to use your fan base for their benefit and exposure. This kind of SoundCloud behavior will introduce you to new approaches and techniques of making and promoting your music. It also helps in growing your skills manifold.

From remixing popular songs that are likely to be searched by millions of fans to joining up new forums and communities online, there is no dearth of value-adding tools at your disposal when you are planning you increase your SoundCloud following.