10 Great Website Templates for Startup Healthcare Practices

BY IN Uncategorized, 27.09.2016

A career in healthcare can be one of the most rewarding occupations you can pursue. It’s a well-paying career track that trains you to help the sick and afflicted to improve their quality of life.


Some who pursue a career in the healthcare sector choose to open their own medical practice. There are many things to consider during the startup phase, from hiring medical assistants and nurses to finding an office, to designing your business plan.

One essential consideration that every healthcare professional has to address in the digital era is your website. Despite the fact that all your services will be handled within your office, a website is now the best way to spread the word about your services and brand.

Most potential clients will search online when they look for a top-rated clinic that’s nearby, so having a great website is a vital tool for making a great impression on web searchers. Don’t worry about hiring a web designer to build a custom site, because that can be very expensive and slow down the process.

Instead, look for a great template to use. Here are some of the top-rated web templates in the healthcare sector.

1. Medix

This is a one-size-fits-all template for healthcare firms. Doctors, dentists, hospitals, health clinics, chiropractors, and every other kind of medical organization has used it successfully.

It’s designed with UX in mind, which means your patients will be able to find things easily. It’s a low-stress task to put together, and it includes branding and imaging options that can make your site look more professional.

2. ZupaHealth

ZupaHealth is an HTML-appropriate template for professionals in the medical sector. The design is clean and simple, which can be appealing to healthcare people who don’t have a lot of room on their to-do list.

3. Clinix

This template is best if you’re opening a hospital or clinic. Users say they like this template because the navigation is simple and clean. It’s also enabled for high-quality imagery so patients can get a good sense of what your operation is all about.

4. MedicalGuide

MedicalGuide is a little pricier than some of the other options but it’s fully responsive. It’s compatible with Bootstrap, HTML5, and CSS3, and looks great on any size of mobile device. The coding is a little more complex for this template, but if you’re up to the challenge, the rewards can be great.


5. Natural Health

For medical professionals who care about the environment and spreading the good word, Natural Health is a great selection. The primary color is green to underscore the cause. This template is great because it has both a retail section and a place to write blog posts and news articles, so your website can do more than just book new appointments.

6. Medikal

This HTML 5 template plays with parallax scrolling to put more information onto the homepage. These kinds of websites perform particularly well in SEO since the homepage is a wealth of information.

7. Medicare Plus

All healthcare organizations can benefit from this template that’s both simple to assemble and easy to use. Special features are built into the design so you can easily generate tabs for appointment forms, services, “meet the doctor” pages, gallery items, frequently-asked questions, news, and more.

 8. Medizone

Totally responsive, the Medizone template will allow user access on any size of device. In addition, it’s fabricated so you can add your own personal touches. The outline of the template is the same for all users, but it’s easily customizable so your site will stand out against the competitors.

9. Dentalux

As the root word of the name suggests, this template is made for dental, orthodontia, and oral clinics. It can be used for other health-related organizations, but the underlying outline is best suited for oral healthcare. Everything from the color to the shape of the icons is geared toward delivering a simple, user-friendly experience.

10. MedicPlus

Any health-related organization can use MedicPlus for its website. This program has a variety of colors built into the framework to make certain categories and sections really pop. It’s easily customizable and delivers a clean, catchy design to support your organization’s air of professionalism.