Top 10 Website Themes to Get Your Site Ready for Halloween

BY IN Basics of Web Design, 28.09.2016

Halloween is a great time for updates on your site. Through newsletters and social media you can invite your current customers and create a buzz by dressing up your site in the right way. While a picture of the staff dressed up like pumpkins might be cute and creative, you might want to consider how to choose the right website template in order to add in a bit more of the holiday. By switching to a different template you get a whole new look and feel, which can really spice things up and make people want to come by and see what is going on. Here are the top 10 website themes that will make your site ooze of Halloween…


Scary Halloween Night
Nothing does it like a little scare and horror for Halloween. With this Halloween theme you get a perfect feeling of late night when trick-or-treaters consider bailing out of their mission. The great thing about this template is that you can use it as a costume for your existing site and thereby simply dress it up in a gloomy and spooky outfit. A scary theme can be complemented by sound effects to surprise your visitors.

Costumes for Kids

If your audience will enjoy a child related theme you might want to opt for colors and images that bring the mind to the younger generation. Make sure to choose a children’s theme that is more related to Halloween than to the birthday party concept. Kids in costumes as well as trick or treaters can be a great choice for your Halloween site.
Blood Dripping Themes

If your visitors are of ages where horror and Dracula will only amuse, this type of theme will most certainly be a good choice. Depending on the nature on your site you should consider how much blood you want to include. Choose a subtle blood chilling theme for more elegance or go all the way out with fangs and garlic if you are looking for humor.


A Theme that Engages

A great theme to use for engaging visitors is Parallax, which comes with depth thanks to the 2D graphics. This is a quite general theme that can be customized to season and occasion by using the right type of images. The great thing about this theme is that it will let you create interactive design and immerse your visitors in your site in a really smart way, which is obviously something you are looking to do, be it Halloween or not.

Pumpkins and Candles

Since Halloween occurs during a rather dark and cold time of the year, choosing a pumpkin and candle theme might be wise. This is a good pick since it will warm your visitors and also allow them to notice that your site is active and interesting.


Lanterns and lights

Slightly different from the orange tone of a pumpkin and candle theme, the lantern and light theme is also building on the idea of more light during a dark October night. This type of theme can be used throughout the winter as a seasonal theme that is appropriate from November through February.


Costume Theme

For sites that discuss and sell costumes a good theme for costumes is a must. Here you could also include fun effects like free dress up games for kids and grownups. This will increase the interactivity and enhance the feeling of the theme.


Scary Pumpkin Theme

The pumpkin as a lantern is a great graphic element for the Halloween themed site, but how about a scary looking pumpkin? Choose a pumpkin theme where you get a glowing pumpkin with a scary face. This should definitely set the right tone for the season.


Witches Theme

With witch themes, you can create a lot of humor and effect. Choose a theme that fits your target group. For younger visitors, nicer witches that are properly dressed will work, while older visitors can probably handle scarier ladies on brooms.


Monster Theme

A monster theme is never a bad pick for Halloween. Just make sure to get the right type of monsters. There are a wide range of monster designs and you might want to consider something cuter rather than the zombie look that has become so popular through movies and games.