4 Reasons Your Business Needs a Custom E-Commerce Website

BY IN Tutorials, Uncategorized, 8.11.2021

Are you looking for a new e-commerce website but indecisive about using a pre-made or custom solution?

While existing sites such as WooCommerce and Shopify have their advantages, it doesn’t mean that they meet your company’s specific needs. On the other hand, custom e-commerce websites do require a greater time investment, but they make up for it with their flexibility, scalability, and the amount of control you have over them.

Here are 4 reasons you need a custom e-commerce website for your business:

1. You Can Have Modular or Customizable Products

Unlike pre-made e-commerce systems that don’t allow you to accommodate different product options, custom websites allow your shoppers to personalize the items they purchase.

One example is a T-shirt store that gives customers the choice to choose the colors, fonts, sizes, and graphics on each individual tee. Allowing shoppers to essentially re-design your items gives you the chance to charge higher prices for each tee, depending on the cost of each change. Pre-made websites don’t give shoppers the option to do this.

Custom development companies such as Magento Services operate on their e-commerce platform, deliver the qualitative implementation of your ideas, and have over 12 years of experience. They have sophisticated custom solutions to be able to accommodate such complex orders, unlike pre-made ones.

2. You Want to Build a Unique Shopping Experience For Your Customers

Those with a unique business should have an e-commerce website that replicates this, and special features are a great way to create this tailor-made shopping experience. When your business hits the growth stage, you can start creating different exciting features that will increase your conversion rates. Potential opportunities include building a customized shopping experience with a personalized look for each customer.

When it comes to pre-made e-commerce websites, sadly, these features are not always on offer. Your site will not be able to reflect the uniqueness of your company and provide a special experience for your customers. Instead, it will only offer predictable and standard features.

If your company excels due to its imagination and creativity, you should heavily consider a custom-built e-commerce website.

3. You Have Promo Codes of Custom Coupons Shoppers Need to Apply

Some pre-made e-commerce solutions do have promo codes or custom coupon functionalities, but they can often be very limited or rigid. They may not allow you to have a certain number of promo items listed for your customers, or they may prevent the coupons from being activated with specific products or brands.

With customized e-commerce websites, you have the capacity and the freedom to implement exactly what you want. Whether you want to run a sale on some items in parallel with your seasonal marketing campaign or you want to apply promo codes on limited stock, your customized website will allow you to adjust your site and add these options.

4. You Require a Specific Card Processor

Very few pre-made e-commerce websites allow you to use all different kinds of credit card processors. They typically have a select few options that can be used, which can be difficult for those who ship internationally.

Custom-built e-commerce sites can also be handy when it comes to lowering fees or having faster availability of funds. This is because there may be other companies that offer better rates that a pre-made solution won’t accommodate.

Run Your Business Your Way

When it comes to your business, you want to be in full control. Having a custom e-commerce website will enable you to call the shots, implement unique features and build a customer experience specific to your shoppers that a pre-built system won’t allow.

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