5 Benefits of Collecting Customer Reviews on Your Website

BY IN Uncategorized, 19.08.2019

The customer is always right. So, why not invite them to share their experiences and views on your business’ website? Take advantage of online reviews to learn what’s working and potential areas of improvement. Online reviews help decision making on the customers’ side and provides the ideal platform to grow sales and traffic.

Let’s explore the upside of allowing customers to share their reviews on your website.

1. Allows for constructive criticism and feedback

Online reviews bring to your attention to client concerns or proposals for improvement in your service delivery. Consequently, reviews present the ideal opportunity to solve customer problems and better business practices. In any case, the majority of customers with concerns in online reviews would still grumble about your business to peers, even when they don’t leave a review.

When the complaint is published, you see it and take the necessary action.

A good number of clients offer incredible suggestions for better ways to run things or possible new products. Thus review sites also act as a source of brilliant business ideas.

According to the Founder of Credit Card Compare NZ, Simon Sule, reviews from customers is an excellent way to earn trust, but you need to be prepared to deal with the negative feedback as they arise. Negative feedback can bruise the ego, but it helps you to do better in the long run if you take it on board and make improvements.

2. Closer ties with customers

Similar to social media platforms, online reviews allow forging close relations with your clients. You’ll obtain reviews from a range of clients who otherwise might not offer their opinion on your services or products.

Notably, you get to respond to both negative and positive feedback, demonstrating an interest in customer opinion.

Through your responses, clients interact with a person and not an entity. Some review sites like Yelp, call for business owners to upload their picture before responding to reviews. Customers love familiarizing with the person behind a brand which develops a sense of loyalty.

3. Peer endorsements

Research reveals consumers trust peer endorsements more than advertising. Clients tend to trust recommendations from peers, but a good number consider online sources as credible.

For instance, a Nielsen survey conducted in 2015 of 30,000 consumers from 58 nations revealed that 83% of respondents tend to trust endorsements from peers, while 70% trusted online reviews. Consequently, each positive online review is a powerful marketing tool.

4. Improves SEO

Reviews influence search engine results. Google, for instance, take into account the frequency in which your business name is mentioned in reviews. The higher the number of mentions, the higher your likelihood of ranking high in search engine results, more so for a specific kind of business that isn’t reviewed often.

5. Free advertising

Each posted review acts as a form of advert. Your brand is seen by readers, which raises their curiosity about what you do.
Online reviews offer mass exposure perhaps not affordable via the conventional marketing channels.