6 Tips to Outrank Big Companies when You Have No SEO Budget

BY IN Uncategorized, 9.08.2019

SEO is just a formula which combines writing content, optimizing design, creating a great user experience and get a few backlinks. Sounds simple right? Well, it is simple but if it sounds simple to you, the same is with your competitors. Hence how do you outrank them even when they have a big budget to buy their space on the first page of the search engines advertisement area and you don’t? Read further to crack the code;

Speed Up:

You are competing against big companies who need to go through a complex set of processes to bring in even a small change in their strategy. This is due to the layers of employees in the organization which makes the process slower. Also, due to the size of the company, SEO is not really the priority as such big companies need to take care of hundreds of other technicalities. That is why such companies pay huge amounts to stay on the top.

You may not have such a large budget but you do have an advantage over them- speed, as you do not have so many layers hence the decision-making process can be quicker, changes can be made at a faster pace and SEO can be prioritized. This is how many small companies who are intelligent to use the speed to their benefit, do so well in a short span of time.

Think Out of the Box:

Large companies pay good writers to create content and website designers to develop an optimized website. You may not have that budget to hire such high-end professionals to do the job for you but if you can think out of the box, you can get the work done with equal efficiency. Collaborating and inviting guest posts on your website will help you build a good amount of content to work with.

When it comes to web designing if you do not have the budget, like your competitor, to create high-quality video content and complex elements to grab the user’s attention, it does not matter as simplicity works as effectively. In fact, the latest web designs are focused on giving maximum information by using minimum elements and keeping a clean design. A minimalistic design is also beneficial as it can easily be designed to be ADA compliant (The Americans with Disabilities Act) so that the site is accessible to the differently-abled.

Quantity is Not the Key:

Being a small business also means that you may not have the resources to push out maximum content. But does that really matter? If you are still under the illusion that more content means more traffic, you need to readjust your facts. More content actually does not guarantee more traffic. There is so much content on Google that your content may not rank high if you do not strategize it properly. If you have existing content on your site which is already getting traffic, improving those content to rank higher is a much better strategy. If you go through your web analytics, you will notice that a few posts get the maximum traffic hence why not use this to your advantage?

So, stop worrying about publishing more content quickly and focus on getting traffic out of the existing content.

Work Towards Increased Revenue Instead of Traffic:

You should not really care about the search traffic as it is of no use if it does not get converted. Increased traffic does not mean improved conversions. Ranking higher for search engines is of no use if it is not improving your revenues. You need to focus on optimizing your site to generate higher revenues. List the pages which tend to generate higher revenues and focus on making them rank higher on Google to generate profit out of your business.

Optimize Site to Increase Clicks and Not Rankings:

Rankings are based on the user preferences which means that if your site is listed fourth in the search results and still people click on it, the search engine will move its ranking higher. Hence start focusing on creating your links more clickable by editing the SEO title and meta description so that people are encouraged to click your link and that will automatically do the job for you.

Keep Updating the Old Content:

If over time your content ranking tanks, it does not mean Google is penalizing your site, but it means that some other site is providing better content than yours. Hence keep updating your existing contents to improve them so that they remain in the search engine’s good books and keep your ranking higher. And you can do this for absolutely free.


Money is not the criteria to build a website which makes your business successful but if you can get out of that mindset and work around with the resources you have, you can easily overcome the shortcomings and outrank the big companies.