5 Must Have Features of a Good Help Desk Solution

BY IN Uncategorized, 23.12.2020

Designing the perfect help desk solution for your business or ticketing app can be one of the most important things you do. For any company these days, there’s nothing more important than customer experience when it comes to determining how successful your brand might be. An effective ticketing solution ensures you can deal with queries and concerns on time that meets your determined service level agreement. But if you’ve never designed a ticketing solution, how do you know you’re creating the ideal IT help desk for your business? Here are just a few features to keep in mind.

Self Service

Customers have problems with their tools at all hours of the day, not to mention at night. This means that there may be times when your professional team isn’t on hand to help out. If you want to ensure that your web design client can deal with their own problems when they’re in a tough spot, a self-service system is a must have. This may include a chatbot that automatically answers questions or an FAQ component.

Easy Automation

A major advantage of a good help desk solution is that it automates the way you handle customer care. With the right ticketing system, you can organize your requests from customers so that you deal with the needs of the most important and high spending clients first. You can even get your automation system to send certain tasks to the agents with specific skills. This reduces the risk of a client being passed from one employee to the next.


Reporting is the key to determining whether your IT help desk solutions are working as they should be. If you have no way to gather information and analytics, then you can’t know for certain if your investment is paying off. Reporting tools will help you to track how many requests you get in a day and how long it takes for your employees to deal with those queries. You can even use your analytics system to see whether there are certain days when you might need more staff members available.

An Effective Submission Form

The submission form that your clients use to request help from your company need to be clear and customizable. Let your customers choose what information they want to add with a text box where they can share any additional info you haven’t already asked for. It might also be a good idea to let your consumers choose a topic for their request, so that your system can send the questions to the right people to move through the process.

Great Uptime

Finally, anything that you’re using in your business to enhance customer service needs to be reliable. This means that a great up-time is a must-have for your ticketing service. Whether you’re using an app or a website form, ensure that you can rely on your product to stay up and running through all hours of the day and night, so your customers can reach you when they need you most. Check for an SLA agreement here if possible.