How Much Does an International Toll-Free Number Cost?

BY IN Uncategorized, 4.01.2021

As an entrepreneur and enterprise owners, we know that toll-free numbers play an essential role in our day-to-day business communication. They don’t only provide free-call services but the fact that they provide the opportunity for expanding the company’s effort to serve and reach more clients is more than enough to consider the integration of this vital communication tool. This is a tested and proven method if you want to gain more consumers.

But what should you examine before getting an international toll-free number? Without further delay, let’s discuss the details.

International toll-free number

If you are considering getting a toll-free number, then it is worth to discuss a few elements since the cost will depend on particular circumstances:

  • How would you answer incoming calls?

The type of device that you will be using for answering incoming calls through your ITFN has an effect on the charges that you are going to pay. If you consider using a cellphone in answering calls, then the cost would be definitely higher compared to using a VoIP phone.

  • Where will calls come from?

The calls’ origin, referred to as the “originating country” is also a huge element that has an impact on the charges in international toll-free numbers. Pricing may vary per region. Let us say that you’re receiving calls from Singapore and China. You will immediately notice that received calls from China has a higher cost than calls from Singapore.

  • Monthly talk time

This one should be given a proper analysis. The longer the conversation that will take place over your ITFN, the higher you will pay for the service charge. Nevertheless, there are existing plans on some service providers such as Telnum which have diminishing cost whenever there’s an increase in your call volume.

  • Additional features

Of course, who would not want value-added features such as call forwarding, outbound calling, caller ID, virtual attendant, and others? You must bear in mind that these types of attributes may incur additional charges to your monthly billing. So you should be aware and check for the right provider to avoid any surprising inconvenience in the future. If you think that charges for these added services are overwhelming, then you have the choice to think twice and look for another service provider.

As you can see from the above details, there are some components that need to be examined first before acquiring an international toll-free number. But real question is, “How much does an international toll-free number cost?

International Toll-Free Number Pricing

ITFN pricing for Telnum can be seen on their website It has the most transparent price guide among others since it provides a transparent price for all its services. Best of all, you can inquire about any related services such as SMS numbers, disposable numbers, IVR services, etc.

Incorporating a toll-free number to your enterprise provides your clientele the freedom and ease of reaching you out without having to pay long-distance charges. Psychologically, when people see that your trade has a toll-free number, they’re more inclined to connect with you than any other enterprise. It is one of the easiest ways to gain trust among your potential clients since it builds the communication bridge between you and your customers and prospects as well.

You should treat international toll-free numbers as one of your essential business investments, and not luxury. Oftentimes, enterprises tend to overlook the significant importance of this number. That is one reason why many enterprises fail to connect and gain trust among people, locally and internationally.

Many cloud-based service providers offer international toll-free numbers in the market today. If you’ll check them one by one, you will find yourself being overwhelmed by too much information and comparison as well. However, it is very important since associating an international toll-free number with your business is crucial. So, you have to be very careful about acquiring your service provider. Check the prices or packages they offer and be sure that there are no hidden charges along the way. Ask them squarely if there are such charges so you’ll not be surprised at the end of the day.

ITFN has been in existence in the business world and still widely accepted since it has been proven to be a reliable tool in enhancing brand images and connecting with people all over the world.

Final worlds

Wrapping it up, every company needs a dependable communication process, especially for global clients. International toll-free numbers are inexpensive to acquire. With ITFN, you can create transactions anywhere you wish with ease and gain more patrons worldwide. We all know that customer support is an important aspect of a business while building trust among your clientele. So don’t hesitate to integrate an international toll-free number into your enterprise immediately!