5 Reasons That Web Design Makes The Difference Between A Customer Staying On Your Site Or Leaving To Go To Another

BY IN Uncategorized, 20.06.2019

There are thousands of websites on the World Wide Web all focusing on different things. They are, however, not equal. Some perform extremely well while others fail miserably. Part of the reason why this happens is how the websites are designed.

Web design is so important that it determines how long people stay on your site. To elaborate further, here are 5 reasons why this is the case:

The Initial Impression The Website Creates
When customers click on your site, the first 5 seconds will determine whether they will stay or leave based on what they see.

How your website is laid out, the structure of the menu, the number of grids you have, the fonts you use to write your content, and the positioning of ads all determine whether the customer will opt to continue navigating through your site or will click off to another website.

Your web design forms the image of your website. The design has to be on point to create a first impression that wows your customers and retains them on your site.

Page Loading Speed

A good web design makes a website responsive and this facilitates fast load speeds on all devices. Keep in mind that customers will access your website from either desktop, mobile phones, or tablets. The faster your webpages are able to load, the more likely your customers are going to stay on your site.

Research shows that the ideal page loading speed is 3 seconds. If the load time exceeds this, customers will in most cases click off to another website.

Broken Codes

If your website’s design is done by someone with little to no experience, chances are that there will be some broken codes that will cause a distortion in the layout and structure of your site. Some plugins and elements that are not compatible with each other may overlap and disfigure your site. Once a customer sees this, they will simply click off and head over to another site.

A good web design with proper coding will keep your site in good shape and help retain customers when they visit it.

User Experience

A good web design translates into your customers having a good user experience which in turn makes them stay longer on your site. If, say, your website does not respond to the screen size of the device that your customers are using and they’re forced to start pinching or zooming for your webpage to fit the screen, rest assured that they won’t stick around your page.

Your web design should offer the best user experience to your customers in order for them to keep browsing through your site.

Updated Features

A good web design comes with the latest features that meet the needs of your customers. For instance features such as live chat for customer care support, social media icons for easy interaction, e-commerce features for easy purchases and so on.

A poor web design that hasn’t incorporated such features on your website will drive off customers.


Web design is not a task to gamble with. How well it is done determines the level of performance and the kind of results you will command from your site. It should be done by a professional web designer.

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