Why WordPress Is So Helpful for Setting Up Your New Business Website

BY IN Uncategorized, 2.07.2019

When you sit down to build your new business website, you have a lot of decisions to make. You need to decide about the domain name, design and layout, but you also need to choose a website host, eCommerce website builder, or other business website platform.

If you haven’t yet thought about using WordPress eCommerce for your business website, we recommend that you do so now.

You might think of WordPress as “just” a content management system (CMS), but it’s also the foundation of websites like the New York Post, TED, NASA, and other heavyweight brand names. Over 30% of the world’s websites use WordPress, and 60.7% of all sites that use a CMS use it too.

Still not convinced? Here’s why you should use WordPress to build your new business website.

Built for Content Marketing

In marketing, content is king, so every business website needs to incorporate valuable, engaging content. Relevant content is what attracts new visitors to your website, boosts your rank on search engine results, and keeps customers coming back for more. It makes sense to combine your eCommerce site with a powerful content engine.

WordPress began life as a blogging solution, so it’s no surprise that it’s so effective for content management. The platform is packed full of tools and plugins for SEO optimization. With WordPress, you can tailor every inch of your website for SEO success while adding appropriate content to all the right places.

Today, WordPress is a powerful ecosystem that integrates with content marketing apps and tools which help you to optimize content for every step along your marketing funnel. With WordPress tools, you can promote your business content across channels, and measure the impact it has on your business’s bottom line.

Integrates with Everything

The real beauty of WordPress eCommerce lies in its massive number of integrations and plugins. Using these components, you can access tools for traffic analytics, social media marketing, business metrics, accounting, online payments and more.

For example, you can add a plugin to accept user reviews, which are vital for any eCommerce site, or to set up customer logins so that your most loyal buyers don’t need to enter their payment and shipping details every time they make a purchase. Free and for-pay plugins turn your WordPress-based site into a fully functioning business portal.

What’s more, WordPress integrates with just about everything. When you use WordPress for your business website, you can connect with your favorite business applications like Mailchimp, BigCommerce, QuickBooks and more. So there’s no need to get used to a new system for your scheduling or inventory management, because they all work with your WordPress site.

Simple, Yet Powerful

WordPress eCommerce is particularly popular for business websites, because it’s both extremely easy to use, and highly powerful for customization. If you’re just beginning your business site, you don’t need to configure any settings or write any code to get started on WordPress. You just create an account and start personalizing your site by picking themes, templates, colors, and webpage elements like text boxes or subscribe forms.

But even though WordPress is easy to use, it’s still very customizable. There are masses of themes developed especially for WordPress which give you even more flexibility over the look of your site.

If you’re more technical, or have help from someone who is, you can change the CSS code to create a totally original website. With WordPress, you can create every type of page and add all kinds of media, from gallery pages to embedded videos. WordPress themes can be fully responsive, too, which is vital in an age where 257 million Americans are smartphone users. Business websites have to be mobile responsive, or they’ll lose out.

Infinitely Scalable

WordPress has the advantage of being open source and self-hosted. Although that means that you have to pay for website hosting, it also means that you own all your data. Indeed, there are plenty of cheap WordPress hosting options. If you want to migrate to a different host, you can do it without hassle. If you want to change your platform, you can leave at any time and take all your data with you.

It’s also what makes WordPress infinitely scalable. Even huge corporations like Time.com and Coca Cola use WordPress.

Although it might take a bit of time before your small business reaches those heights, it’s still good to know that nothing will hold you back – not even your eCommerce site’s CMS.

Plenty of Support

Because WordPress is so popular, loads of web designers and developers are already familiar with it and work on it. If you build your website on WordPress, you’re not likely to find that there’s no one around with the expertise to perfect your site.

It makes it even easier to get started because there are plenty of guides and how-to videos and articles helping you to create a site on WordPress.

WordPress also has a massive user community and knowledgeable user forum. If you get stuck, the chances are high that someone else has already experienced the same issue and can advise you on how to troubleshoot it, possibly even for free.

WordPress is the Key to Your Business Site

The versatility, ease of use, scalability, popularity, and content management backbone of WordPress make it an excellent choice for every new business site. No matter what your industry or your target audience, you’ll find that WordPress eCommerce can serve your needs.