5 Tips and Tricks to SEO in 2018

BY IN Uncategorized, 7.04.2018

Business persons should break the bad practice of perceiving elements of an SEO strategy as a one-off task. Too often, businesses optimize a web page and never fine-tune it. A 2017 HubSpot study revealed 61% of marketers viewed growing organic visibility as their leading inbound marketing concern, although they don’t consistently see it through.

You can deduce that these items are due to their lack of a good SEO plan:

  • Mile-long page URLs
  • SEO page titles only mirror the content headers
  • SEO page headings lack keyword focus

Now is a great time to take a keen look at SEO marketing stats because search is deteriorating for all kinds of B2C and B2B businesses.

Your keyword phrase may rank first organically; however, it may not rank first to searchers owing to alterations to Google’s SERPs. Lack of visibility is detrimental to your organic traffic – resulting in reduced clicks, leads, page views, sales, and conversions.

Let’s look into five tips and tricks that will help you stay ahead of the pack this year.

1. Focus on drawing long clicks

A long click implies when users reach your page; they take their time taking in the content – click through to different internal pages, reading the copy, etc. rather than hashing over the website.

Long clicks are lasting. When users navigate to your site it means a couple of things:

  • The content is up-to-date
  • The content is pertinent to their search input
  • The content is invaluable as their user-experience as well

Search engines use time on page, bounce rate and numerous metrics to evaluate value and relevance.

2. Adopt a video marketing strategy

Users tend to perform searches to obtain practical solutions instead of formatted text content as it enables them to grasp every step. It’s no wonder that YouTube ranks second to Google among the most popular search engines.

Also, users are leaning towards video platforms and passing up Google for practical search inquiries as it makes things feasible and allows for more straightforward implementation.

Looking at Google search results, you’ll notice one video at the very least which comes from YouTube – albeit it constitutes Google service – which is a testament to the soaring allure of video marketing.

3. Have good PR

Public relations is vital to SEO. Whenever you’re featured on an authoritative website with superior domain authority and have your site linked, it boosts your domain authority thereby communicating to search engines of the rising importance of your website.

PR benefits other areas too. For instance, backlinks in well-liked media outlets help in getting social media accounts like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook verified.

4. Pay close attention to metadata

A Search Engine Journal study revealed that 63% of site owners relinquished efforts to generate a meta-description and roughly 54%vof sites have replicas.

Duplication of content or metadata prohibits the indexing of a page. Meaning it loses out on ranking for keywords and thus doesn’t appear in organic search queries.

Neglecting metadata is a missed chance to define your page to your customers and spell out why it solves their problem.

5. Think mobile

The number of mobile users rises with each passing year. With Google readying to move to the mobile-first search index, combined with the fact that most of Google searches are executed via mobile gadgets, mobile pages will soon become main pages. You must optimize your site for mobile very soon.

Key takeaway

2018 is bound to a year of new trends, updates and strategies that will no doubt shake things up. At Scot Keever SEO we help businesses improve their rankings by being adaptable and in the know about the ever-changing SEO trends.

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