Key Tips For Website Design For Small Businesses

BY IN Uncategorized, 14.04.2018

Small business owners require more than just a Facebook page and if they want to be successful, a website for their small business is a must-have. One reason is that a website is the perfect place where your customers can learn more about your services or products. So, to ensure that your website design gets the desired results, double-check that you implement the following tips:

Use Simple, Yet Unique, Website Design

Your website design will often be the first thing that customers see about your brand. So, ensure that your website stands out.

Unfortunately templates often do not meet the requirements of the business in the long run and a business will then need a unique website design in order to differentiate itself from the fierce competition. Also, templates struggle to create a proper home page which is generally the most important page. A good home page will answer questions like who you are and which services/products do you offer. That being said, a good home page will not have too much text or too many pictures. In fact, by adding less, visitors will not get confused and will experience a much better user experience.

Share With Your Visitors Your Services/products

If your customers will be able to purchase your products online, ensure that you include professional photos of your products. Impressive website design can achieve only that much and without good photos, customers will be hesitant to make a purchase. Though, as mentioned earlier, do not include too many photos on one page as it will only confuse your customers. Instead, include only a few great photos of your products on your home page and then include your other products on some of the other pages.

Content Is King

Never underestimate the content for successful website design. For starters, if your website design includes more quality content, the search engines will like your website better. It is not only the search engines that are looking for quality content… Do not forget that your customers also like content and their attention can easily be grabbed by a powerful headline.

Bonus TIP: How to Write an Irresistible Headline

Do Not Stress Too Much About Your Domain

When you cannot find a URL that matches your company’s name exactly, you can perhaps find a different name for your business. That being said, finding the right name for your company can be extremely challenging. So, if you have finally found a name that you are happy with, you can use an alternative URL that complements the name of your business. At the end of the day, you want to find a domain that people will not easily forget.

Ensure Your Website Design Is Responsive

Nowadays mobile devices contribute significantly to web traffic. As mobile devices are definitely here to stay, responsive design is a must-have.

Avoid Slow Load Times

Let’s be honest, most people are impatient, especially when it comes to websites. So, when your website design includes many graphics, you will have to ensure that your bandwidth and infrastructure will be able to cope. Therefore, spend the extra money and only work with a reputable host as the most affordable hosting option will probably be too slow to keep your visitors happy.