7 Questions to Ask a UX Agency in San Francisco before Hiring

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As a business owner, you must hire the right UX design company for your project. That means asking lots of questions. And it’s even more important to ask these questions if you wish to hire a San Francisco website design agency. This is because UX design companies are diverse, and San Francisco is a hotbed for tech agencies.

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7 Questions to Ask a UX Agency in San Francisco before Hiring 

Here are seven of the best questions to ask any San Francisco-based agency before hiring them:

Can you show me some of your work?

Ask them to show you examples of their work to get a clear idea of what the UI/UX consultants can do. This can be done in case studies or mockups illustrating how they solved specific problems in past projects.

The best way is to explain how they approached each challenge and why it was vital for them to solve it in a certain way. One of the best ways to get an idea of how well a company works is by talking to some of its previous clients.

It’s also crucial that your potential partner has experience working with companies like yours and can provide references of other clients they have previously worked with. These questions allow you to gauge the UI/UX consultant’s experience in the industry and how experienced they are at working with different clients.

What would happen if I were unhappy with the work you did for me?

The customer is always right, and it’s essential to keep that in mind when hiring a UX agency. If you’re not happy with the results, the UX agency should be able to fix any issues and work together with you to figure out the best solution.

A good UX design company should be willing to change its approach if it isn’t getting what it wants from its project. They shouldn’t have an ego about it, as a successful business relationship means both sides need to compromise sometimes.

Communication is critical to any UX project, especially in the early stages. You’ll want to ensure that your agency has a transparent process and workflow for communication and an understanding of how often you’ll need to communicate with them. This also means knowing what works best for both parties. So, if there are preferred methods of communication (phone call vs. email), let them know.

Are you willing to sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement)?

An NDA (non-disclosure agreement) is a contract that you can use to protect your ideas and unique processes from being shared with the general public or other companies. Often, agencies will have their NDAs that require you to sign if they share any information with you.

The purpose of an NDA is simple: You need it because other companies may want what you have, and stealing it could be detrimental to your business. Naturally, no one wants their hard work stolen, so all parties involved must agree on what should remain confidential before sharing information or documents.

How much upfront do you need?

Knowing how much upfront you’ll need to pay a UX agency is essential. UX design companies in San Francisco charge more because they have higher hourly rates. You must know whether or not a potential UX contributor can provide services within the available financial boundaries.

If you don’t figure this out and decide to hire an agency you can’t afford, you will have to look for a contractor again. UX design companies can charge you hourly or set a fixed price before you start.

Hourly rate is more flexible as it allows you to introduce changes on the go without compromising on other components of the design. A fixed price means you cannot change anything or pay extra money for changing something later in your project lifecycle.

What design process do you use? 

The design process is a series of sequential steps UX agencies use to help you achieve a goal. It’s different for different types of projects, but it should always have five parts:

  • Understanding user needs and goals;
  • Creating solutions to meet those needs;
  • Prototyping them for feedback from users or colleagues;
  • Iterating on these solutions;
  • Final product ready for implementation.

This can sound like overwhelming work when you first hear about it. But learning more about the design process will show the UI/UX consultants awareness of what they do daily. An excellent way to gauge whether or not this is true is by asking them questions about their processes.

Look for a UX design company that can customize its process according to your particular need so that you get exactly what your business requires at every stage of development.

The amount of time they’ll need to create an MVP

When interviewing a UX Agency, asking them how long they think it will take to build an MVP is essential. The answer may vary depending on the project and the team, but generally, you should expect at least a couple of months.

Make sure you agree on deadlines before your team works on the project. This ensures everything is much easier later on. It’s also crucial that your company has clear goals for launching this product and sets goals for each stage of development (first iteration, second iteration).

Do you have dedicated UX researchers? 

The first question to ask a UX agency is whether or not they have dedicated UX researchers. A good user experience strategy starts with thorough research, so if you’re looking into the value of hiring a UX research firm, confirm they have this in play. The absence of it should be an immediate red flag.

UX researchers are responsible for collecting quantitative and qualitative data that will inform how your product will work to create something that meets users’ needs and yours. They’re also responsible for conducting interviews, surveys, and usability testing, all while understanding what questions would best inform interactions between users and your product or service.

You want to ensure that your design team is dedicated to your product and project. This means they are available, accessible, and responsive when needed. If an agency has a busy schedule of projects and yours is just one of many clients, they may need help to respond promptly when you have questions or concerns.


In conclusion, hiring a UX design company is not a one-time event. You’re not just looking for someone who can do good work; you also want to find someone who understands your business needs, can communicate effectively with your team, and will be able to grow with you over time.