7 Tools Every Marketing Agency Needs In 2020

BY IN Uncategorized, 26.08.2020

Traditional modes of marketing are gradually becoming a thing of the past, and digital marketing is forming the look of new-age businesses. It is no brainer that the ability not only to approach targeted audiences but also measure campaign effectiveness made possible by the various digital marketing mediums is marketers’ preferred choice.

As a marketing agency, however, you will agree that your success rests extensively on in-depth research and analysis. This requires a lot of time, effort, and resources to accomplish – yet it isn’t impossible to achieve the result you desire.

You will agree that two of the biggest challenges of a marketing agency include finding services to offer target audiences that differentiate them for the crowd, and the other is adopting new marketing technologies to gain an advantage.

In this article, you will discover the best marketing agency tools you need in 2020 to stay ahead of the curve. Let’s get started.

Workflow automation – Zapier

As a marketing agency, you will be working with clients of different backgrounds and with various needs. Each of these clients will have separate marketing stacks and it is your job to find an easy way to integrate these businesses and their productivity apps.

With Zapier, you can do all that easily and more. Zapier is an excellent tool that marketing agencies are using to create automated workflows across tools in their stack. Its compatibility with thousands of other tools make it a must-have for marketing agencies in 2020.

With Zapier, you can combine multiple actions and apps in a single “zap” – all of which saves you time and effort. For instance, if a client of yours sends an email with an attachment, you can store this on your Google Drive, share it with your team, and even update your project management board without lifting a finger.

Zapier makes workflow way much more comfortable than ever and takes automation to a whole new level for marketing agencies.

Live Web Chat – MobileMonkey

The best live web chat software helps your agency in so many ways. It helps you to engage with customers and prospects proactively, generates leads, grows revenue, and offers real-time support across multiple channels.

Recent studies have shown that a reliable live chat software boosts website engagement rate by 3X, increases conversions on websites by 45%, and makes customers 3% likely to return to a website.

A live chat software that defiles all odds is the OmniChat technology by MobileMonkey. Not only does it let you engage, in real-time, with your customers and prospects, but it also enables you to do that across other channels such as SMS text messages, and other messaging apps.

There are lots of web chat examples you can choose from as a marketing agency, and all of them could be a game-changer for your agency.

Project management software – Teamwork

Project management is a significant aspect of any business, such as a marketing agency. The importance of effectively managing a project, both yours and that of your clients, seamlessly within your team, cannot be overemphasized.

Little wonder top marketing agencies cannot help using Teamwork. It is a software that enables marketing agencies to deliver projects in record time to their clients without stress. Here’s the kicker, with Teamwork’s “Workload” solution, you can visualize your team’s capacity before taking a project and know how best to manage it. This makes it easy to respond quickly to changes and keep your team on track.

What is the essence of a digitized working environment when you have to check several platforms to get the solution you need? With Teamwork, you can build custom workflows and give your agency a central place to visualize your team projects, workloads, tasks, and deadlines.

What’s more? Teamwork also facilitates client communication. This means that you can add your clients as collaborators. So, your clients can leave comments, review the assets, view project progress, and eliminate email threads – all in real-time.

Search Engine Optimization Management Software – SEMrush

One of the best SEO tools every marketing agency in 2020 should have is SEMrush. It is the best tool to make your clients visible online. With SEMrush, you can help your clients in so many ways. Some of these ways include mastering content marketing, improving SEO across their websites, creating PPC campaigns, and managing their social media presence.

SEMrush is equipped with features that include website audit, ad builder, on-page SEO checker, PPC keyword tool, and backlink audit. Indeed, the usefulness of the software in today’s competitive digital space is undenied. And if you think about it properly, not only can you use SEMrush to help serve your clients better, but you can also use the software to find new prospects and land new businesses.

Top marketing agencies are using SEMrush to obtain in-depth insights into their online performance, finetune their marketing strategy, and analyze potential clients and their online visibility. They also use the tool to understand their niche and their target audience better as well as locate gaps in their marketing strategy and come up with a personalized action plan. These and many more are ways that SEMrush will help your agencies if you haven’t joined the train already.

Competitor keyword research – SpyFu

How many of your clients will turn down the offer to spy on their competitors and ultimately steal their traffic and leads? Not many. SpyFu is a flexible software that marketing agencies are using in 2020 to do these and more.

While your competitors can follow data privacy rules such as ccpa, it doesn’t affect SpyFu. With the software, marketing agencies can find keywords that are most important to their clients’ markets, increase their clients’ ranking for specific keywords, and then plan an effective marketing campaign. Also, SpyFu is used to research clients’ competitors’ marketing strategies and come up with a better and new AdWords campaign.

With SpyFu’s AdWords Advisor tool, marketing agencies can analyze their clients’ websites, go through their competitors’ AdWords bidding history and recommend the most profitable keywords their clients aren’t targeting yet. This takes the game to a whole new level as marketing agencies are able to delight their clients by presenting hard data showing how they can beat their competitors.

Social media management – AgoraPulse

Every serious marketing agency knows that proving their agency’s social media ROI to their clients is important to their success. Little wonder why AgoraPulse is another tool marketing agency can’t do without in 2020.

The software comes pre-installed with a publishing modal’s built-in UTM parameters that show your agency’s impacts on conversions and, ultimately, revenue. With this powerful tool, they can easily spot and eliminate spam as well as negative comments on their ads then encourage positive engagement and ROI on their client’s ad spend.

You will also agree that saving time is essential in the digital marketing space. Thankfully, the developers of AgoraPulse put that into consideration as it is super easy to expert reports with key metrics and analysis on engagement and growth.

An employer will aim to impress their employees by putting their logos on the employee handbook, and you can do something similar. When you intend to use the PowerPoint decks generated by AgoraPulse for presenting to your clients, it doesn’t hurt to include your logo as that will make it seem as if you built it from scratch.

This software is popular among marketing agencies for its seamless social media management prowess, but it is known for more. Its collaboration tools make it possible for marketing agencies and their clients to work together on the same dashboard. For instance, both parties can work with a shared calendar, and the clients can review, accept, reject, and give feedback on scheduled social media content. And each shared calendar allows for an unlimited number of calendar users and unlimited profiles.

Landing page builder – Unbounce

Top marketing agencies use Unbounce to keep their clients happy, increase their conversion, and generate more revenue. Websites are great, and every serious business should have at least one. However, marketing agencies know that websites are made for exploring and not converting—landing pages, then to the rescue.

The next issue that arises is that landing pages are not the easiest to make. Each one must be tailored to a marketing campaign, and agencies are often under pressure from clients to turn the campaigns into success stories.

And that is the reason why marketing agencies have turned to Unbounce. It is one flexible tool that marketing agencies are using to create custom landing pages with no coding required. Its Conversion Intelligence and Smart Traffic tools help to differentiate it from the competition.

Unbounce also makes it easy to duplicate landing pages. So, when your clients are running multiple campaigns, you can easily save time and build converting landing pages in bulk. Besides, you can easily engage in A/B test variations of landing pages to see what works best for your client’s target audience.


You will agree that it is impossible to mention all tools that marketing agencies use today. However, some tools like the ones discussed in this piece are must have as they make life easier for both the agencies and their clients.