30 Best Free Instagram Templates for Photoshop in 2020

BY IN Uncategorized, 27.08.2020

If you’re running your Instagram profile actively, then you have probably wondered how to increase your audience reach and make your account more attractive. Unique aesthetics and well-thought-out design are one of those things that attract new followers.

In this article, we have collected 30 of the best templates for you, which are suitable for different purposes.

  1. Anniversary Template

The luxury template makes it clear to everyone that there is an enchanting party ahead of you, which should not be missed! Design with golden elements is suitable for large-scale celebrations and corporate events. Enjoy these template from Elegantflyer!

  1. Fashion Blog Template

This set of modern templates is similar to a mood board for inspiration. It is perfect for the self-expression of creative individuals. You can also use it to create a scrapbooking-look-like profile by combining your favorite moments in the feed.

  1. Design Studio Template

A minimalistic set with an unobtrusive design is suitable for a personal profile, fashion account, or online store. The background will not distract attention from the main accents.

  1. Deco Home Template

Elegant light set ideal for interior designers and stylists. Exclusive templates provide a lot of space for imagination.

  1. Solveig Template

An organic abstract design in trendy shades will attract increased attention to your Instagram account. Experiment with these templates if you need a consistent style.

  1. Drink Party Template

Do you like themed events? Then check out this seductive design! Looking at it people will want to visit a cocktail drink party immediately. Get more Free Instagram Templates in PSD from Elegantflyer.

  1. Toy Shop Template

Delicate templates with a fun childish design will be a great addition to the blog of a young mom or professional nanny. The cartoonish design will appeal to the target audience if you sell baby clothes or toys.

  1. Animated Candy Template

The cute animation and static templates are designed in neutral colors, making them attractive to different audiences. Why don’t you try it?

  1. Mega Sale Template

If you’re planning a sale or campaign for a new collection, check out this smudge-and-brush set. Looking pretty nice, huh?

  1. Urban Template

The somewhat aggressive and catchy urban design will appeal to young people. It can be used to advertise streetwear or rap and hip hop artist accounts.

  1. Beauty and Spa Template

During self-isolation, many have missed the salon treatment. So now is the time to use these stylish templates to present your beauty services package.

  1. Soft Pink Template

This set of templates in soft pink and turquoise colors reminds of clippings from a glamorous magazine. Such design solutions are very popular with lifestyle bloggers and influencers.

  1. Trendy animated Template

A catchy collection of stories with collage elements and bright accents will not go unnoticed. The templates are organic for fashion, sales, and personal branding.

  1. Organic Sale Template

Lovely templates with dynamic forms and natural shapes will grab the attention of your followers. Especially when its related to the big sale!

  1. Modern Template

Another fashionable Insta templates in modern style which are suitable to the personal branding, street style clothes boutique, youth accessories store, etc.

  1. Breakfast time Template

If you want to attract new visitors to your restaurant, you have to whet their appetite with your social media content. These delicious templates will allow you to present your menu in the best possible way.

  1. Interior Template

The minimalist set is dedicated to interior design. It can be used by experts in this field to tell about the latest trends and demonstrate fashionable solutions for home or office.

  1. Grey Template

If you dislike bright colors and prefer a small number of accents, try these templates. Dark shades will always be relevant, moreover, they do not get bored, as is the case with bright colors.

  1. Organic Sale Template

Another organic set with bright elements. This is a great design solution for a teen blog or children’s clothing store.

  1. Purple Instagram Story Template

Artistic black templates with purple accents and geometric elements are good for designer goods or unique accessories. You can use this set if you are an artist or a fashion expert.

  1. Hair Extensions Template

If you’re a hair extension, dreadlock, or braiding master, take a look at these creative grunge-inspired templates. The masterpiece design will attract daring clients who love to experiment with their hairstyles.

  1. Coffee Template

A cozy coffee collection just made for an account dedicated to a coffee shop. Having such a design in the feed, you can easily open the veil of secrecy for your readers about how you prepare drinks and what is the difference between Arabica and Robusta.

  1. Quenby Template

Absolutely charming pastel templates for your Instagram feed! The trendy color combination is good for any company, agency, or studio account.

  1. Tips Template

Colorful catchy design always grabs attention. So why don’t we use it for the educational accounts? This set is perfect for the lifehacks, study tips, or just fun facts.

  1. Kathleen Template

Minimalistic templates collection in collage style is a trend of 2020. You can see that by scrolling influencers’ accounts. Let’s try it for ourselves? Just look at these amazing stories!

  1. Movie Template

Surely you missed going to the cinema with friends during the lockdown period. Therefore, now movie premieres and favorite film parties are more popular than ever!

  1. Travel Template

Travel bloggers and wanderlusts just can’t resist this set. As a result, your profile will turn into a whimsical collage of your most vivid memories.

  1. Minimalist Template

Fantastic minimalist templates in the best traditions of fashion brand campaigns. It will be suitable for your collection!

  1. Grand Re-Opening Template

Eye-catching grand re-opening templates with flat illustrations spreading a desire to visit your place or at least swipe to see more.

  1. Brown Template

Have you heard that brown is a new black? That’s right – brownish colors are perfect for social media because of the cozy and warm vibes. So don’t pass by this story bundle!

Looks like we told you about all Top-30 templates, so don’t be lazy and try them all to see what’s fit you the best!