Building a Business Website? You Should Consider a Professional Web Design Company

BY IN Uncategorized, 5.05.2016

Today, there is no doubt that everyone can build a decent-looking and functional website. Thanks to simplified Content Management Systems and blogging platforms, it doesn’t take any training or web development knowledge to build something that looks professional. But is this enough to build a site that’s ready to compete?


DIY site-building platforms can give you access to themes that can help you achieve any look for your site. This means you no longer have to write a single line of code to build something simple, such as a blog or a portfolio site. Additionally, a CMS like WordPress has all the plugins you need to incorporate just about any functionality you can think of – from contact forms to shopping carts.
However, even after building your site solely with a visual editor, you will learn that you do need to tweak a few codes to give your website a unique feel. For this, you can turn to online tutorials and other learning resources. But what if you want something more? What if you aspire to set up an online store or an interactive site for your SaaS business? For goals that seem too much to handle on your own, the best route is to work with proven professional.

Unifying the Design

One of the advantages of a professional web development company is the unification of your website’s design. Putting things together, like a logo and some visual plugins, can sometimes make the site appear awkward and messy.
Additionally, relying solely on themes and plugins can make it difficult for your site to uphold your unique brand. It’s simply too easy to end up with a generic site unless you do some extensive coding yourself. And without web development experience, you’re looking at weeks of self-learning, research, and costly mistakes that could endanger the integrity of your website.

Although it’s possible, designing a unified, business website is a job for experienced hands. With a professional web design company, all you have to do is to answer certain questions that can describe your desired outcome. For example, how many pages do you need? Will you be using sign-up forms, contact forms, and so on? Furthermore, a professional web design company will get to know your brand so they can incorporate its personality in many of the site’s elements.


Added Functionalities

Hiring a professional web development agency will give you total freedom on how you want your site to look and function. There may be a ton of themes that can help you achieve a variation of looks for your site, but these are still limited and will prevent you from fully achieving the idea you have in mind. Only a professional web design company can guarantee a site that looks exactly like you visualised.
Additionally, a professional web design company can deliver any functionality you need for your site – from a custom applet to an interactive menu. This is critical if you have big ideas for your website. You may also be considering hiring freelance developers to work on design and functionalities bit by bit. However, it’s best to stick to one company start to finish for a more consistent outcome.

Building to Compete

A web design company will ensure that your website’s design is streamlined and consistent across all pages. Additionally, they will make sure your site is built to be competitive in terms of digital marketing. For example, your website must be optimised for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) if you wish to be visible in search engine results.

However, remember that onsite SEO is merely the barebones of a competitive website. If you truly want to market your site to a larger audience, you’ll need to develop online marketing strategies that span different areas. This includes email marketing, social media, and paid advertising.
To make these processes even easier, you can opt for an all-in-one solution from companies like Magicdust, a company that specialises in digital marketing and web design Sydney, Australia. These full-service companies can help you with every facet of your online business – from web design to online marketing. This is a great option for established businesses that are looking to extend their reach on the internet.


If you’re looking to build a personal blog or a professional portfolio site, then hiring a professional web design company may seem like a waste of money, particularly if you’re not looking to monetise them. But if you need a cutting-edge website that can compete and serve as the exemplar of your brand on the internet, then it’s a job best done by professionals.