How to Move a Document to Other Languages?

Are you looking forward to the emergence of an online tool that translates your document into another language without any language restrictions? If so, then you are in the right space. In this note, I will tell you about a wonderful online document translator called DocTranslator. Using this tool, anyone has the opportunity to simply convert a personal document into another required language in a matter of seconds.
translator tool

This tool supports more than 100 languages ​​and works pretty well. Simply upload a personal document, select a language and click on the appropriate translation option. Don’t worry, I’ll walk you through all the steps you need to use this document translation tool.

10 Free Photo Stocks To Decorate Your Website for Xmas

Photography is a substantial part of web design, I think there’s no arguing about that. Unfortunately, it’s hard to find really good stock photos these days, especially free ones.

I love free resources and deals (obviously), so I’m in constant search of all freebies related to web design. Today I’m gonna share the most recent collection of mine – 10 free image stocks with high quality photos.


Top 5 Free Business WordPress Themes

Ah, WordPress. I’m sure it needs no introduction, it is the most used CMS after all. The immense popularity of WordPress is no secret. The reason of this popularity is also not a secret at all, the open source model, the user-friendly interface and the template system are the driving force behind more than 60 million!!! downloads of WordPress. This means there’s more than 60 million websites built with WordPress out there. As a matter of fact  – this very blog you are reading now is WordPress-based. And, most probably, so is your own website. Otherwise, you are planning on launching a WordPress website.cover