Depositphotos: One Stock Photo Library for All Your Visuals

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Visuals are the key to capturing your audience’s attention. Studies have proven that the human mind is able to retain visual cues much more easily compared to textual information. 

To truly make your project a memorable one, you need some impactful visuals. And you might not have the financial means or time to create the visuals yourself. A great source you can tap into is stock photos. 

In this article, you can find out how to work with any budget and save time when you need visuals. So, keep reading!

What Are Stock Pictures?

Firstly, let’s understand the phrase “stock photo.” It refers to the field in the industry of photography that sells photos, videos, and illustrations. These can then be purchased, by individuals or businesses, through various license models that suit their needs. 

Customers pay certain charges to obtain the right to use stock photos and videos legally for their own projects.

You will find stock pictures in a variety of categories such as scenery, portraits, monuments, food, etc. Regardless of what niche your project belongs to, there will be no dearth in the availability of stock pictures.

Why Should You Use Stock Photographs?

Stock pictures can be a life-saver when you require visuals but do not have the means/time to create them yourself. The following are some advantages of using stock photos:

They Are Time-Efficient

In this day and age, people often find themselves strapped for time. In order to capture pictures, you’d have to hire photographers and models. If your business manages the process in-house, you’ll need to allocate time as well as other resources. After the photoshoot, the pictures have to be edited. Furthermore, if you require videos, things get more complicated.

That’s where stock photos come into play. All stock photos are already edited. Imagine how much time you could save by relying on them instead.

They Are Cost-Effective

When you require visuals, you either incline towards hiring a photographer or getting the job done yourself. When you sit down to hash out the details, you realize you would have to spend a lot of money on locations, camera equipment, lighting equipment, editing software, and models.
There’s a far better alternative, which is very economical.
tock pictures only require you to make a payment to buy the license to use the visual. A simple search and a checkout later, you’ll have the file, ready to be accessed, at your fingertips.

No Copyright Concerns Involved

Using images from the Internet can sometimes land you in serious trouble. There’ve been cases when people have gone to court because of having used someone’s photos illegally. The world is keen on protecting a creator’s copyright.

Using stock photos will not lead to copyright violations, as you are literally purchasing the right to use them wherever you may need to. 

What Are the Types of Stock Photo Licenses?

You already know what stock photos are, and you also understand why they can be highly beneficial. But you’re probably wondering what kind of licenses exist and how they differ from each other. The three primary types of licensing are as follows.


A royalty-free license is when you make a single payment to buy the right to use a visual. Whether you use the stock image once or ten times is entirely up to you, and you can use them wherever you want.

You will not have to pay additional fees for every single use. And so, this license comes in handy when you need images/videos for digital content creation.

Royalty-free licensed stocks are commonly offered on a non-exclusive basis. This means the same stock photo can be purchased and used by different buyers simultaneously. 


Contrary to royalty-free licenses, a rights-managed license does not grant you the liberty to use stock photos/videos as you wish to. There are usually certain restrictions placed on the number of times you can use the visual. And separate fees must be paid for all recurring usages.

A rights-managed license can be obtained on an exclusive or non-exclusive basis depending on the agency/licensor from whom you purchase stock photos.

Public Domain

When visuals are no longer governed by intellectual property rights, they fall under the public domain. Such a licensing means that images/videos can be legally used free of charge, regardless of what purpose you need them for.< Moreover, no copyright claims can be made on these photos, so they are available only non-exclusively. 

Depositphotos – a Reliable Source of Images

Depositphotos is an established stock photo agency that is well-known for its remarkable collections of visuals. They’re amongst the top brands on the market and have gained a firm hold on their premier position over the years. 

How Does It Work?

With Depositphotos’ numerous pricing plans, you get a great degree of flexibility to choose just how much you wish to spend on stock photos. They sell images on demand through affordable credit packs in the range of $2.99 to $4.90 per image. Or you could choose a subscription plan that offers quality images and videos for even lower prices ($0.21 to $0.99). They offer both monthly and annual subscription plans. 

Key Benefits of Depositphotos

    1. Find Exactly What You Need by Using the Advanced Search Filters 

    In a library of 183 million files, you’ll find ample material to work with. Whether you need vectors or videos, illustrations or photos, Depositphotos’ advanced search filters can find what you need in a matter of minutes.

    Some of the key filters you can use are the number of people, ethnicity, editorial, gender, visual orientation, location, color, keywords, etc. Plus, for every keyword you type, you’ll find a series of category recommendations you can explore to find related visuals.

    2. Download Truly Authentic Content from Featured Hand-Picked Image Collections

    Not sure what you’re looking for? Don’t worry. You can take a pick from the top, featured categories displayed on the home page. There are HD videos, newly released images, and top collections that have been a crowd favorite on Depositphotos. 

    3. Stick to Your Budget with Prices Starting from $0.25 per Image

    Depositphotos enables customers with all sorts of budgets to access high-quality visuals with pricing plans starting from as little as 25 cents per image. If one of the present plans doesn’t work for you, you can also get in touch with their team to discuss customization options. 

    4. Add Visuals to Favourites before Finally Selecting Your Top Picks

    A simple scroll through the various categories will soon prove to you just how difficult it can be to choose a few great ones amongst many.

    So if you’re trying to make up your mind about which ones are your top favorites, all you need to do is add each visual to your Favorites by selecting the star over the visual. At the end of your search, you can go back and look through the ones you’ve chosen to further narrow it down or just get them all!

    5. Create Designs Easily Using the Built-in Image Editor (Crello)

    While the visuals available on Depositphotos are post-processed and ready to be used, it’s understandable that some users may need to add their own personal touch to the visual — hence, the built-in image editor, Crello.

    Crello offers quite a few editing functionalities to help you match the visual to your project without having to trouble yourself with purchasing and learning any advanced editing software. 

    6. Improve Visual Communication with Handy Tips from Depositphotos

    Visual communication can be a vast subject to absorb for someone who is a beginner and only has a grasp on the basics. But with Depositphotos’ blog section, you’ll get all the help you need to add a level of sophistication to your project and make optimum use of the stock pictures. 

Subscription Plans

For students, content creators, businesses, and freelancers, Depositphotos’ subscription plans are the ideal choice. The yearly plan offers you a further discount of 17%. You not only get life-long rights to use the image but can also get printing rights for the same.

Additionally, any unused download limit gets transferred to the next month, so you never have to worry about pacing your subscription usage. Lastly, each additional image will only cost you $1. 


Stock images can substantially boost the charm of your project, be it a commercial or a personal one. They can also determine just how long the audience’s attention is hooked onto your creation.

All this can be achieved at low costs with Depositphotos’ numerous plans and features. 

So why delay incorporating that high-impact visual into your project? Start licensing premium-quality stock photos and videos at affordable rates from Depositphotos today!