Find ALL You Need for Web Design in the ONE Membership

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When you are working on a new design for a client or need to update your website with a fresh and trendy style, the last thing you want to do is to search for the needed items all over the web. It’s way more convenient to access all that you need in a single place.

If you are tired of checking out dozens of websites every time you need to bring changes to your web project, you should enjoy ONE by TemplateMonster. It’s the ultimate subscription survive that will appeal to every web designer, web developer, and marketing specialist. 

What Is ONE?

ONE Membership is the all-in-one collection of 31000+ premium-quality web design assets that will come in handy to everyone related to the web design niche will appreciate. ONE includes a wide choice of web designs, plugins, graphics, audio, and video files that you can download an unlimited number of times and use on as many domains as you wish. 

The web design assets available in the ONE Membership are suited for different topics and purposes. The collection keeps on growing all the time. Once you subscribe to the service, you can use as many items as you need for as long as your subscription is valid. 

31K High-Quality Items

ONE Membership includes the best products from the TemplateMonster digital marketplace. There are both new releases and best-selling web design assets, like Monstroid2 WordPress themeMultifly Shopify theme, WooStroid2 WooCommerce theme, Magetique Magento themeIntense HTML themeEveprest PrestaShop theme, and StoreFlex OpenCart theme, etc. ONE Membership includes ready-made products compatible with all popular CMS and eCommerce platforms. For example, if you give preference to using WordPress,  you will be pleased to find out that ONE features 1400+ WordPress themes featuring the drag-and-drop functionality. The subscription also provides a wide choice of graphics, stock videos, and audio files that you can use on your web projects. If you mainly work with eCommerce, the collection of Magento, Prestashop, WooCommerce, Shopify, and VirtueMart themes should come in handy to you. 

ONE License

Every time you download a product from the TemplateMonster marketplace, you need to choose the license under which you will be able to work with the chosen item. When it comes to the ONE Membership, all products are available under the Unlimited Yearly license. It means that you can download any item as many times as you need and use it on an unlimited number of domains for as long as the subscription to ONE is valid. 

After your subscription to ONE Membership expires, all web projects that you created with the items from the subscription will be working without any issues. The downloaded products will continue to receive updates, meaning that your web projects will remain competitive with the latest web standards for as long as you support it. 

ONE by TemplateMonster Affordable Pricing 

ONE Membership offers three premium subscription plans and one free plan that lets you access all the freebies that are featured in its collection. Compared to other marketplaces, the prices are the most affordable and provide you with many pleasant bonuses. The subscriptions are divided in such a way that creatives can access only those digital assets that they really need. Web designers and developers have a chance to use the all-in-one pack for a reasonable fee. 

  • Creative – worth $82/year – the ultimate choice for creative graphic designers working with graphic and design assets, presentation, audio and video files. 
  • All-in-one – $179/year – the best choice for web designers and web developers looking for high-quality web themes suited for multiple web platforms and CMS projects.
  • All-in-one lifetime – $599 – provides you with unlimited lifetime access to the growing collection of items included in the ONE. 
  • Free-all-items – the free plan offers a selection of graphics, presentation templates, audio files, and HTML templates. All freebies can be used an unlimited number of times on as many web projects as you wish.    the best choice to get access to the ONE freebies.  

Key Advantages of the ONE by TemplateMonster

There are many reasons to use ONE Membership. Let’s enumerate the major advantages: 

  • An ever-growing collection of web design products. Subscribing to ONE, you get access to all items that are added to the service after you pay for your plan. All subscribers can access the entire collection of themes, plugins, graphics, and other items featured in the ONE subscription. 
  • 24/7 support. In case you need professional assistance, you may always rely on the ONE support team. 
  • Additional services. Besides a vast choice of digital items, ONE lets you order extra services that will help you with the server maintenance-related tasks, SEO of your web project, etc. The services are not included in the subscription, but you may always order any that you need. 
  • Regular updates. As we’ve already mentioned, ONE features an ever-growing collection of premium and free web design assets. You will have access to the entire collection for as long as you have a valid subscription. 
  • Cancel anytime. If you change your mind about the service or do not download any items from the ONE within 14 days after the day of purchase, you can get your money back. 

ONE Affiliate Program 

TemplateMonster Affiliate program welcomes everyone who is fond of web design and interested in generating more revenue to join. Affiliates can promote digital items from the marketplace, as well as the ONE Membership. Whenever a user orders the ONE subscription plan with your referral link, you get a 30% share (by the way, you can earn more cash from the promotion of the ONE subscription than from the sales of regular web themes in the marketplace). Additionally, every returning user will bring you 10% revenue. 

Bottom Line 

ONE by TemplateMonster is the service that every person who is somehow related to web design and web development should try. It’s cheaper than the solutions offers by other websites and brings you many advantages that you will enjoy in a long run. Subscribe to one and see what’s inside. Get the free plan if you focus only on freebies.