Difference Between Logotype, Logomark, And Logo

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Selecting a suitable design for a brand identity is a pivotal step in developing a business. When spelling the underlying brief for such an important asset, it’s critical to be precise when elaborating on the necessities. A well-designed logo strengthens the image and corporate brand. It gives you the benefits over competition and increases the appeal to your customers.

Whether you’re making yours or hiring a professional agency, it is imperative to differentiate between logo, logotype, and logomark. Each style has its unique benefits, and the specialty of logo design is more intricate than the majority of people realize. For more tips, reach out to custom dissertation professionals.


A logo is just a type of design, an organization, brand, or individual picks to represent them. The term “logo” does not necessarily limit what the design may resemble. But through marketing intelligence (and sound judgment), it ought to, in some way, represent the brand in question.

It should also be sufficiently versatile to be utilized in different contexts. How it’s built and the elements incorporated can change depending on its purpose.


A logomark is a symbol or image which represents a brand and often doesn’t include the name of an organization. This version has the merit of a big creative range and can produce a very solid visual identity for an organization.

Its demerit is that; it doesn’t include the name of the organization. Thus a logomark can work well for market leaders businesses with already established brand identity. Android and Pepsi are the two brands with exceptionally recognizable logomarks.


The logotype, also referred to as “word mark,” is the brand name styled as a logo. It has the obvious benefit of identifying your business name through visual identity. Besides, it doesn’t give space for brand confusion. That makes it a new-level beginning for new businesses. But it can leave less innovative scope to represent your brand. That can have a visual challenge, particularly if the firm’s name doesn’t precisely portray what it does.

A logotype can regularly seem quite conservative hence making it common in sectors such as law and finance. Then again, this form probably won’t function suitably for hospitality businesses and creative professionals. One of the most renowned logotypes is that of Facebook.

Combination Mark

A mix imprint is precisely what it seems like – a mix of the logotype and logomark. This allows for bigger freedom to creatively represent a brand while ensuring the organization’s name is linked to it. This synthesis is ideal for new businesses.

The branding has the select of being an integrated mix mark; image, and text working mutually to build one design, for instance, VW’s and Starbucks logos. There’s also the standalone mix mark, which has distinct logotype and logomark, for example, McDonald’s or Adidas.

An integrated blend imprint offers the merit of a very solid brand identity, while the standalone imprints provide higher flexibility in its applications. Thus, it may drop the logotype down the line. The objective is to build a cleaner visual identity after the brand has attained traction.

A strong visual identity might go a long way to assisting a business to succeed. Thus, ensuring there’s time to decide on what kind of logo best caters to the strategic needs is pivotal. Regardless of what the logo ends up appearing, researching for a well-researched decision will undoubtedly satisfy.

Logotype Design

When there’s talk concerning logo design, people usually contemplate about logotypes due to the name. It is achievable to portray the logo in a pre-existing textual style. Else, it may be customized to fit the particular necessities of an organization. Once in a while, logotypes can be created from geometric shapes with abstract letterforms to offer a specific effect.

There may likewise be corporate identity aspects, for example, Pantone hues and white space surrounding the logo. You don’t require utilizing a symbol or image to be effective, and that’s the notion behind logotype design. When suitably done, utilizing just typography to form a logo design; it can be an effectual branding weapon.

According to designers, logomarks are more ‘abstract’ as compared to their counterpart logotype. That’s because they are mere symbols, and it’s not a must; they sit adjacent to the brand name.

Companies, for example, Apple, has effectively utilized logomark designs as their corporate image. The silver apple consisting of the missing ‘bite’ has become indivisible with the brand over several years.

Does your business require a logomark design?

The type of business is what determines whether you’ll go for the logomark, logotype, or both. It ought to be noted that including a logomark could enable the brand development process. Thus, your budget is the deciding factor.

Small businesses can start with simple but adaptable logos and include marks once the firm expands or gains a wider market. Logomarks, however, help your customers to recognize and understand the purpose of your brand.