Digital Marketing Tips and Trends for Financial Services Industries

BY IN Uncategorized, 8.02.2017

Financial services, such as investment banking or wealth management, may not be the first areas that come to mind when you think about niche industries that rely on strong digital marketing, but in reality, these industries are increasingly embracing innovative concepts of marketing and web design.


Since the Great Recession, investment bankers and other financial professionals have been required to be proactive in their approaches, and to broaden their abilities in order to appeal to clients. The financial services industries have changed in recent years, and bankers and financial professionals are responding, One of the ways is through better digital marketing.

If you’re a digital marketer either currently working with investment bankers or other financial professionals, or you hope to expand to that niche, below are some tips to help you get started.

Understand the Customer and Their Needs

Customers in the financial services sector tend to feel overwhelmed and somewhat confused in many cases, which is why they’re seeking these services in the first place.

As a web designer or digital marketer, you can help combat that by creating a website that speaks to the needs and objectives of the targeted client and is also intuitive and user-friendly. Design should always be easy to navigate, and content should take what can be complex topics and scenarios, and turn it into something that’s accessible.

It should also be noted that targeted clients can be very different from one financial professional to another, which is why it’s essential for digital marketers to work in close collaboration with their client to gain an understanding of their user persona.

Compliance and Regulations

Being a digital marketer in the financial services niche can be unique from other niches and industries because there are compliance and regulation issues you need to be aware of during the design and marketing process.

You can get most of this information from your client, but you might also need to do your own independent research to make sure all site design and marketing elements are compliant.

Focus on Content

The concept of content reigning supreme in the world of digital marketing isn’t new, nor is it something that most everyone isn’t aware of at this point, but the financial services sector tends to be lagging behind here, and this presents new opportunities to marketers.

According to a Dianomi report entitled “Financial Content Marketing: The State of Play, 2015 Benchmarks, Budgets, Trends,” less than two percent of companies that are considered in the financial services industry feel their content marketing is highly effective.

One of the primary ways you can market to existing and new clients is through content that, as mentioned above, breaks down complex situations into simple, appealing language, and also by offering content that builds a sense of trust. The financial services industry can at times feel as if it lacks transparency, and digital marketers can help clients combat this through the creation of quality content.

The financial services sector offers many unique opportunities for designers and marketers, and challenges as well, but tips like the ones above can help maximize the opportunities and mitigate the obstacles.